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New Communities

Strengthening New Communities program

Many new estates, homes and communities are built each year. We want connected communities to feel safer, happier and healthier. Across Casey we hold events like movie nights, BBQs, music events and catch ups at local parks. These events help new communities connect and get out of the house and into parks to meet new people.

Our Strengthening New Communities Program builds the community. It's also a great way for residents to get to know Council better. All events have Council Officers on hand to answer any council related questions.

The Strengthening New Communities Program is currently working with new estates in Clyde and Clyde North.

Please see upcoming events below and save the date.

Community gardens

Community gardens are places to come together to garden and grow food in your community. This provides a chance to get to know the environment and create social connection.

To find out how to start or be involved in a community garden view the Communities gardens policy.

For more information on the New Communities program or community gardens please contact us. You can ask to speak to the Community Program Officer for further information.