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Needle exchange program


You must be a City of Casey resident to be eligible for the needle exchange program.

Businesses and other healthcare organisations are not eligible for this service.

1. Get a sharps container from us

If you have diabetes or other medical problem that requires you to use needles and syringes, you can request a sharps container.

Please contact us to request your free container.

2. Swap your full container for an empty one

Please keep your used containers at your home for later disposal. You can return containers to our customer service centres once business services are resumed.

We can only accept the following types of containers:

  • containers issued by us or another Council
  • containers purchased at a pharmacy (if you are swapping for a Casey container).

Council does not provide sharps container to businesses or companies or take their containers for disposal, this includes doctors, hospitals, etc. All needle waste should be managed by the healthcare organisation which provided the sharps container originally or by contacting a sharps disposal service.

We cannot accept loose needles

We can only accept needles securely contained in an eligible container. Do not bring loose needles for disposal as we cannot accept them