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Minor Capital Works Investment Program

  • Name: Minor Capital Works Investment Program 
  • Round opens: 9.00 am Monday 18 September 2023
  • Round closes: 5.00 pm Wednesday 31 January 2024
  • Frequency: Annually
  • Amount: Up to $50,000 per project or $75,000 in total for a maximum of two projects with an organisation contribution

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About the program

Council’s Minor Capital Works Investment program supports small to medium sized capital works projects that improve, extend or upgrade a community facility that is Council owned, managed or leased.  

This includes: 

  • Community facilities, sporting reserves and other facilities on public land in the City of Casey, where management of the facility is community based and access to the broader community is ensured.
  • Groups that have a Council Agreement in place such as Sporting Clubs, Community Halls, Neighbourhood Houses, Friends Groups, Senior Citizens Clubs, and other like groups. 

Purpose of this program

The purpose of the program is to support small capital works projects at Council facilities that: 

  • increase and diversify participation in current or new programs or user groups
  • encourage and facilitate multi-purpose and shared use
  • enhance accessibility (includes disability, cultural, gender, functional access) 
  • improve environmental outcomes and sustainability
  • improve security and safety or address a health issue
  • enhance ease of use and user experience.

 Who can apply

The types of groups that may be eligible to apply include sporting clubs, community halls, neighbourhood houses, friends groups, senior citizens clubs, scout & guide groups.

To apply for this program, your group must: 

  • discuss proposed project with your Council Contact 
  • be a club or user group that operates at a Council owned, managed or leased facility where: 
    • management of the facility is community based 
    • there is a Council lease or agreement in place 
    • access to the broader community is ensured
  • be a registered (incorporated) not-for-profit club or community group or have an auspice arrangement with an incorporated group who agree to receive and manage the funds
  • have public liability insurance of a minimum $20 million 
  • be able to demonstrate significant support in the community for your organisation 
  • be able to provide the appropriate financial contribution as detailed in these Guidelines
  • clear any outstanding debts with Council.

Who cannot apply

  • Individuals and sole traders
  • Government agencies at local, state or federal level
  • Businesses
  • Political parties or groups
  • Schools and Council managed kindergartens
  • Groups that have an outstanding debt to Council including those on a payment plan.

How the process works

Stage 1 – Expression of Interest

The first step you must take is to contact with your group’s Council contact to discuss your proposed project.

If your proposed project is feasible and meets Council’s minimum requirements for minor capital works at Council facilities, you will be asked to submit an online Expression of Interest form.

Expressions of Interest will be assessed upon submission. You can submit an Expression of Interest any time between Monday 18 September 2023 and Wednesday 31 January 2024. Expressions of Interest received after this date will be considered in the next funding round.

Please note: Each group can only submit two Expressions of Interest per year so ensure you contact your Council contact to confirm that your proposed project is eligible, before submitting the online Expression of Interest. If you don’t know your Council contact, please email [email protected].

Stage 2 - Application

If your Expression of Interest is eligible, you will be invited to submit a more detailed project application and may be required to meet with Council officers on site.

You will be provided with a list of information that you will need to submit as part of your application.  Requirements will be project specific but may include quote from a Council contractor, allowances for permits, standard specifications, architectural drawings etc. 

All permits, approvals, insurance and project management fees must be included as part of the total project cost included in the project application form.

Where a lease or agreement is in place, projects will only be considered if they are listed as a Council responsibility in maintenance guidelines.

Applications must be submitted before 29 February 2024. Project applications will be assessed by a panel consisting of Council officers and community members, in line with the stated assessment criteria, and against other applications received in the same program round. An invitation to submit an application is no guarantee that your project will be funded. A limited funding pool applies each year and in most years, demand for projects exceeds the funding available.

Project costs and applicant contributions

  • Applicants can submit a maximum of two Expressions of Interest each year.
  • Only two projects per year can be funded, up to a total value of $75,000 (not including GST).
  • The cost of any one project cannot be more than $50,000 (not including GST)
  • All successful applicants are required to contribute towards their project. The following financial contribution is required:
    • 15% for projects valued up to $30,000 (not including GST)
    • 20% for projects valued over $30,000 (not including GST)
    • 50% for electronic scoreboards
  • Funded projects will be staged throughout the year.
  • If actual project costs are more than 10% over those quoted, the club/user group will be consulted to agree to pay the required portion of this additional cost or Council will determine if the project should be cancelled.

What we can and cannot fund

What we can fund

Examples of possible projects include

  • Behind goal netting
  • Car park lighting
  • Coaches boxes
  • Court resurfacing 
  • Cricket nets and practice area improvements
  • Design work for future minor capital works projects (up to $2,500 total)
  • Drainage for improvement of sports surfaces
  • Drinking fountains
  • Electronic scoreboards
  • Environmental sustainability initiatives 
  • Fencing
  • Floodlighting (new or upgraded)
  • Goals and goal posts 
  • Heating and cooling
  • Landscaping
  • Modifications for all abilities
  • New kitchens, dishwashers, or stoves (not replacement)
  • Outdoor tables and seating (fixed)
  • Path networks
  • Playground
  • Shade areas
  • Small building modifications
  • Solar panels and/or batteries

Assets delivered as part of this program remain the property of Council.

What we cannot fund

We cannot accept applications for: 

  • works proposed in facilities not owned, managed or leased by Council
  • projects that have already started or have been completed before receiving approval from this program
  • requests for maintenance, equipment or operating costs
  • purchase of land
  • projects for licenced social rooms or areas not allocated by Council
  • projects already allocated with Council’s Capital Works Program
  • projects with a total cost of more than $50,000 (not including GST) 
  • more than two Expressions of Interest from your group per year or program round.

Examples of projects that won’t be funded include:

  • Carpet replacement
  • Equipment items 
  • Drainage (road and building)
  • Driveway maintenance 
  • Floor sanding
  • Light switches and surge protectors.
  • Painting
  • Playground maintenance and mulch replacement
  • Replacement of internal blinds
  • Security systems and security cameras.

Assessment criteria

Your application will be assessed against the following criteria: 

The value, importance and reach of the organisation/user group in the Casey community (10%)

  • The history and purpose of the organisation/user group
  • The number of teams, members, programs, services

The benefit of the proposed project to current and future user groups (40%)

How the proposed project will:

  • Increase and diversify participation in current or new programs or user groups
  • Encourage and facilitate multi-purpose and shared use 
  • Enhance accessibility (includes disability, cultural, gender, functional access) 
  • Improve environmental sustainability 
  • Improve security and safety or address a health issue
  • Enhance ease of use and experience for user group participants and volunteers

The impact of the proposed project on local residents and the wider community (20%)

How the proposed project will:

  • Increase and diversify participation for the general public 
  • Facilitate casual or unstructured use by community members
  • Improve residential amenity
  • Enhance ease of use and user experience for the wider community
  • Provide better safety for the general public

Council considerations in relation to the proposed project and facility (30%)

How the proposed project will:

  • Meet Council’s strategic aims
  • Fill a service gap in Casey
  • Extend the life of the facility
  • Decrease facility maintenance
  • Ensure better alignment with Council standards and renewal timeframes
  • Support a scope of works that is manageable and able to be scheduled and delivered in a timely and planned manner
  • Previous and recent Council’s investment across the site

If your application is successful

  • We will notify you by email.
  • You will be required to sign an agreement with Council that further outlines any conditions and responsibilities.
  • A Council Officer will contact the club/user group to arrange the works. Works are programmed and staged throughout the financial year. Clubs are not responsible for initiating or managing any works – Council will do this.
  • If you have any outstanding payments to Council, you will need to clear these before we can commence the works
  • If you have any outstanding Casey grant acquittals, where possible these should be finalised before we can commence project works.
  • You must adhere with provisions and conditions contained in Council’s Grants Policy.

If your Expression of Interest or application is unsuccessful

An email will be sent to unsuccessful groups explaining why the Expression of Interest or application was not successful.  Groups are encouraged to make another application in future, provided that the group and project is eligible.


Date Stage
Monday 18 September 2023 Expressions of Interest (EOI) open. 
Late October/early November Information sessions held online. Date and time to be confirmed.
From September Discussions with Council officers regarding proposed projects Must be done before submitting an EOI.
September 2023  -January 2024 EOIs assessed and successful groups invited to submit a full project application.
Wednesday 31 January 2024 EOIs close.
Thursday 29 February 2024 Applications close. There is no access to the online applications after 5.00 pm. An automated acknowledgement email is sent to the applicant as soon as the application is submitted
March 2024 Applications are processed to determine eligibility and assessed against stated criteria. 
May 2024 Recommended projects endorsed.
May-June 2024 Applicants are notified of the outcome of their application and Funding Agreements signed.
1 July 2024 – 30 June 2025 Ongoing liaison with Council regarding project management and works undertaken.
1 July 2024 EOIs for next round open.

Variations to projects

Once approved, no significant variations to projects will be allowed. Investment will be provided for the specific purpose as outlined in the submission for funding and approved by Council.

Tell us your project outcomes

After the project is completed, you will be required to report to Council on the outcomes and benefits of the works. A template and timeline will be provided by Council.

Contact Council

If you have any queries, or for assistance with the online application process contact Council’s Grants team on 9705 5200 or email [email protected]

*Please contact us as early as possible if you do require additional assistance to ensure your project is eligible and your application is submitted on time.

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