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We are working to address the impact of the storms on Tuesday 13 February.

Media contacts and protocol

Media protocol 

All media requests, including to the Chair of Administrators, Administrators, and the CEO, must be directed to the Communications and Marketing Department.  

The Chair of the panel of Administrators is the official spokesperson on decisions of the Council. The CEO is the official spokesperson on high level operational matters. 

Council employees are not permitted to be interviewed or provide a response to the media and must direct any enquiries to the Communications and Marketing Department. 

Student requests 

The City of Casey is unable to facilitate interviews or media requests from students. Please source information for school and or university assignments from our website or community engagement portal, Casey Conversations. 

Media contacts 

General media enquiries: [email protected] 

Urgent weekend and public holiday media enquiries: 03 9705 5200

Media enquiries are for legitimate media enquiries only. For all other queries/requests, please contact our customer service team via the Contact Us page. 

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