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Managing funding for growth areas

Funds are collected for the list of projects included in each DCP/ICP. The priority for funding for these projects is assessed by Council and is called the Priority List and Implementation Strategy (PLIS). The PLIS is a transparent management tool which:

  • Facilitates prioritising infrastructure delivery
  • Provides certainty to developers about projects which are supported
  • Is endorsed by Council
  • Underpins management of DCP funds
  • Reviewed on a regular basis (annually or when all short-term projects delivered)

Details of the most recent Council report where the PLIS was considered for each of the DCP/ICP is listed in the table below. Access copies of Council reports and supporting documents relevant for the dates below. :

DCP/ICP DCP/ICP number The PLIS for this plan was last considered at the Council meeting dated:
Berwick Waterways DCPO18 7 November 2019
Botanic Ridge DCPO14 7 November 2019
Brompton Lodge DCPO19 7 November 2019
Clyde DCPO15 7 November 2019
Clyde North DCPO13 7 November 2019
Cranbourne East DCPO10 7 November 2019
Cranbourne North Stage 2 DCPO11 7 November 2019
Cranbourne West DCPO12 7 November 2019
Cardinia Creek South ICPO1 7 November 2019
Minta Farm ICPO2 3 December 2019

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