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Funding growth areas

Funds are collected for the list of projects included in each DCP/ICP. The priority for funding for these projects is assessed by Council and is called the Priority List and Implementation Strategy (PLIS). The PLIS is a transparent management tool which:

  • Facilitates prioritising infrastructure delivery
  • Provides certainty to developers about projects which are supported
  • Is endorsed by Council
  • Underpins management of DCP funds
  • Reviewed on a regular basis (annually or when all short-term projects delivered)

Details of the most recent Council report where the PLIS was considered for each of the DCP/ICP is listed in the table below. Access copies of Council reports and supporting documents relevant for the dates below. :

DCP/ICP DCP/ICP number The PLIS for this plan was last considered at the Council meeting dated:
Berwick Waterways DCPO18 15 June 2021
Botanic Ridge DCPO14 15 June 2021
Brompton Lodge DCPO19 15 June 2021
Clyde DCPO15 15 June 2021
Clyde North DCPO13 15 June 2021
Cranbourne East DCPO10 15 June 2021
Cranbourne North Stage 2 DCPO11 15 June 2021
Cranbourne West DCPO12 15 June 2021
Cardinia Creek South ICPO1 20 April 2021
Minta Farm ICPO2 15 June 2021

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