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Lost & found pets

Lost your pet

If your pet was wearing its registration tag, we will try to contact you if we find your pet.  Please update your contact details on our system so we can contact you.  If you haven't heard from us, please contact the Cranbourne Animal Shelter Lost Dogs' Home.

If you don't think your pet was wearings its registration tag, the Lost Dogs Home keeps a list of dogs and cats that have been found.

The RSPCA has some advice for what else you can do to try and find your pet as quickly as possible.


Found a pet

If you find someone else's pet, please check if the collar has the owner's contact information. 

If you cannot contact the owner, then you should arrange for the animal to be taken to a council pound, an approved animal welfare organisation or an approved premise e.g., a veterinary practice. The shelter or premise can scan the pet for a microchip and try to contact the owner.

Alternatively, if you're not able to secure the animal, you can then contact us by phone on 9705 5200 or by email at [email protected]. We may be able to send an officer out to collect the animal. Please provide as much information as possible - including if the animal has a registration tag.

If you use social media, it is also helpful to make a post on any community Facebook groups you're a part of.



A local laws officer is available at all times in case of an emergency. Please contact an officer in situations such as:

  • dogs attacking, chasing or threatening people and/or animals
  • livestock wandering on the road

The RSPCA has a list of Animal Emergency Centres in case the pet appears injured. We also have more tips on how you can help an injured animal.

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