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Local Laws

Council creates local laws in consultation with the community to meet local needs. Under the Local Government Act 1989, Casey Council has the following current Local Laws in place:

Governance Local Law 2022

The objectives of the Governance Local Law 2022 are to:

  • regulate the use of the Common Seal; and;
  • provide for offences in the event of inappropriate conduct at Council Meetings and meetings of Delegated Committees, and for offences in relation to the misuse of the Common Seal

Asset Protection Local Law 2016

The objectives of the Asset Protection Local Law 2016 are to:

  • improve asset protection within the community
  • regulate building and construction activities for public safety and health
  • reduce the impacts of public assets damage caused by building and construction work
  • ensure that persons responsible for damaging public assets are accountable

Casey Community Local Law 2018

The Casey Community Local Law 2018 aims to:

  • provide for the peace, order and good government of the municipality
  • provide an environment free from hazards so our residents can enjoy a good quality of life
  • prevent nuisances that may affect the enjoyment of life within the community. It also prevents impacts on the health, safety and welfare of our residents

Council aims to achieve these objectives by:

  • regulating dangerous, unsafe or detrimental activities of people within the community
  • providing safety standards and conditions for activities to protect people within the community

Revoked Local Laws: 

  • Local Law No.1 (2016) – Meeting Procedures and Use of the Common Seal. Revoked on 26 November 2020 following a notice in the Government Gazette number 47. This Local Law was replaced by the Governance Rules

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