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Information for your celebrant

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Terms and conditions

As the celebrant, it is important that you are aware and informed of the Park’s terms and conditions. This will help the ceremony run smoothly.


Like all wedding guests, you must walk to the wedding location via the front entrance. Parking is only available in the public car park.

Parking is limited onsite. You should take this into consideration when planning your arrival.

Setting up

You should visit Wilson Botanic Park Berwick before the wedding day to familiarise yourself with the location and distance from the car park.

You should also consider bringing a trolley for your equipment. You can also loan one from the Park’s Visitors Centre between 10am – 4pm daily.


As part of your arrival, you will need to consider how long it will take to move your equipment from the car park to the wedding location. Remember to allow extra time if you need to make more than one trip.


It is recommended for you to bring two pairs of shoes to the ceremony. You can use one pair to move your equipment from your car to the location and a second pair for the ceremony.

PA systems

It is preferred if PA systems are battery operated.

Power is available at Lakeside, Fairy Dell, Amphitheatre and the Rose Garden. Our staff will need to be advised in advance if power is required.

The marriage certificate

We will provide a small table and two iron chairs for the signing of the marriage certificate. You should bring a folder or something similar to support the certificate when it is signed.

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