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Indigenous plants in Casey

Indigenous plants are those that grow in a particular area or region. Not all Australian native plants are found in Casey.

There are lots of great reasons for growing indigenous plants in your garden:

  • They provide food for native birds such as honeyeaters, parrots and rosellas.
  • They are hardy and often don’t need much water.
  • They evolved with local conditions. This makes them likely to grow better than plants native to other parts of Australia or the world.
  • They have cultural significance and provide a link to the past.
  • They create a landscape's identity and help make an area distinct.
  • They can provide diverse colours, textures and food in your garden.
  • They contribute to sustainability by creating healthier ecosystems and increasing habitats for animals.

Indigenous plant guide

We partnered with Cardinia Shire to create an interactive indigenous plant guide.

Download the Indigenous Plant Guide

The guide highlights a selection of plants that grew in Casey before European settlement. It shows the importance of protecting areas of remnant vegetation in Casey. It also encourages residents to grow indigenous plants in their gardens and farms.

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