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Increasing our sustainability

Important information

  • Name: Environmental Sustainability Grants
  • Status: Open. Closing 17 May at 5pm.
  • Next round opens: Monday 1 April 2019
  • Frequency: Annually (once per year)
  • Amount we provide: Up to $3,000
  • Amount you must provide: matched to the same amount you receive

Apply online

Purpose of this grant

Environmental Sustainability Grants help us fund a range of initiatives related to sustainability.


Who can apply for this grant

To apply for this grant, you must be based in the City of Casey or primarily provide services to people within the City of Casey. 

  • Businesses
  • Educational institutions
  • Registered (incorporated) not-for-profit clubs or community groups

What we can fund

Examples of projects we can fund include:

  • Sustainable Gardening using indigenous native plants
  • Interpretive signage
  • Materials and Waste minimisation
  • Water efficiency program or waterway restoration
  • Environmental training
  • Sustainable building design
  • Energy efficiency programs and alternative energy      
  • Environmental plans
  • Academic projects

Preparing your application

As part of your application, you must:

  • clearly explain how your project will benefit to the community of Casey
  • make sure your project aligns to sustainability principles and themes

If you have any questions before you submit your application, please call our Sustainability Projects Officer on 9705 5200.

How we decide on successful grants

Applications will be assessed using the following criteria:

  • The purpose of your project
  • Evidence of sustainability principles and themes
  • How innovative your project is
  • The benefit it has to the community
  • Value for money

You must demonstrate that you have considered the following aspects of your proposed project:

  • How you plan to deliver the project.
  • If you can provide a financial or an in-kind commitment.
  • Whether you have Public Liability (and other) Insurance.
  • That your project will be carried out in the City of Casey.
  • How your project will protect or improve community sites, facilities or resources
  • That your project ensures the safe usage of parks, reserves or facilities for all sections of the community.
  • How your project caters to the diversity of our community.
  • That your project is based on a clear proposal, management plan or strategy.
  • That the design, techniques and materials used will not impact adversely on environmental values and conform to approved standards.

If your application is successful

If your application is successful, we will send you a letter outlining want you need to do next. We will also give you updates by phone and email.

Running your project

As part of your project, you must:

  • acknowledge the City of Casey in all promotional material
  • only use the funding for the stated purpose
  • not assume the allocation of funding is a commitment of subsequent funding
  • only make one application per group/person
  • assume responsibility for maintenance of any ongoing ground works carried out with grant monies
  • meet the conditions of any existing grants allocated to you before applying for another grant

Tell us how your grant was used

After you have completed your project, you must tell us how you spent the grant money and what the outcomes of the project were. This is known as an acquittal process.

Find out more about the acquittal process.