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Immunisation for children

The Victorian Immunisation Schedule states which vaccines your child needs and when they are due.

You can find information on vaccinations for children on the MumBubVax website.

Immunisation locations for children

You can get your child vaccinated at several locations including:

Immunisation History Statements

If you need an Immunisation History Statement, you can get your own and your child’s statement by:

If your child is aged 14 or older, they will need to obtain their own Immunisation History Statement.

Catch up schedules

If your child has missed some vaccinations or has had vaccinations overseas, they may need a vaccination catch-up schedule. They can then get up-to-date with their vaccines.

How to obtain a catch-up schedule

Before attending a public immunisation session, please provide us with a copy of your child’s immunisation records either:

The records must be easy to read and be in English. If the records are not in English they must be translated before submitted for assessment. You may be eligible for the Department of Social Services free translating service.

Council’s immunisation service provider will assess these records and develop a catch-up schedule for your child.