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Immunisation for adults and secondary school students

Secondary school students

The Victorian Immunisation Schedule states which vaccines your child needs when they get to secondary school.

The Victorian Secondary School Immunisation Program delivers these vaccines to your child’s school.

Victorian Secondary School Immunisation Program

Before the day of immunisation, your child will be given a consent card/s. These need to be completed and returned to the school before the day of vaccination.

If your child misses out on their vaccination at school, you can take them to any Council public immunisation session.

You can find further information on the Victorian Secondary School Program at the BetterHealth website.

International secondary students

If you’re an international student in Year 7 of secondary school, you are eligible for school vaccines.

If you’re in Year 8 or above, please talk to your school or General Practitioner (doctor) about immunisations.


Adults may be eligible for several free vaccines under the Victorian Immunisation Schedule.

Where can I get vaccinated?

You can get vaccinated at:

  • A City of Casey public immunisation session
  • Your local GP
  • Your local pharmacy (certain Victorian Immunisation Schedule vaccines only)

You do not need a booking for Council public immunisation sessions. If you are seeking an adult vaccination, we recommend you contact Council’s Immunisation team on 9705 5200 before coming to a session. This will ensure we have the vaccine you need in stock.

Please remember to bring your Medicare card to the immunisation session.

Accessing your vaccination records

Your vaccination records may be in many locations. It depends on the type of vaccination and the year in which you received the vaccination.

  • Childhood vaccinations – before 1996: contact the service provider that administered the vaccine.
  • Childhood vaccinations – after 1996: Australian Immunisation Register
  • Other vaccinations, e.g. secondary school vaccinations – before 2016: contact the service provider that administered the vaccine.
  • Other vaccinations, e.g. secondary school vaccinations – after 2016: Australian Immunisation Register.

Vaccination records that Council holds

The City of Casey Immunisation Service holds records for people that received vaccinations through our service.

If you have received vaccinations from other service providers like your GP, you will need to contact them to get these records.

Please note that the majority of our vaccination records have been digitised and mostly date from 1996 onwards. 

Requesting a Council vaccination history

If you want a copy of your Council vaccination history, please complete our Council Vaccination History Request Form

A parent or legal guardian can also ask for a copy of their child’s Council vaccination history. The child must be under 18 years of age. 

Please submit the form:
•    by email –
•    by post
•    in person at a customer service centre