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See Council's latest advice on COVID-19.
Parking roads & footpaths

Illegal parking

Pay a parking fine. Report illegal parking. Report an unregistered or abandoned vehicle.

Due to COVID-19, Council is making changes to this service

Council parking officers will continue to patrol Casey to help maintain public safety and respond to concerns.

During these tough times, officers will only issue fines to vehicles parked unsafely. This includes:

  • parking in disability bays or permit zones without appropriate permits
  • blocking driveways, clearways or lanes
  • parking in loading or taxi zones and bus bays
  • parking too close to intersections.

We ask community members to be considerate when parking. Safe parking ensures all members of our community have access to essential services and businesses.

Council's information on coronavirus
If you have received an infringement notice, you can pay it online with your credit card. Please have your infringement notice ready as you will need the reference number.
If a vehicle is unregistered or has not been moved for more than 2 months, you can report it as abandoned. We will investigate your report and may impound the vehicle if necessary.
If you notice that someone has parked illegally, you can report it to us. This includes if someone has illegally parked in a disabled parking spot.