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I sea, I care program

The i sea, i care (ISIC) program is a join initiative between the Dolphin Research Institute (DRI) and the City of Casey.

Schools enrolled in the program will send 4 students from grade 5 and 6 to one workshop each term. They will learn about the wonders of Western Port and the impact human activity has on the local marine environment. There will also be additional programs for all grade 3-6 students during the year.

These students will become environmental leaders for their whole school community.

Find out more about the i sea, i care program on the DRI website.


The ISIC program is free for the first year of participation.

When the program will run

The program generally begins in term 4 (your school can still enrol and start in term 1) and finishes in term 3 the following year.

Enrol your school

We encourage teachers to Submit an Expression of Interest form to register their primary school.

What happens next

  • The DRI will get back to you to advise you about enrolling and the date of the first workshop.