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How we calculate your rates

Each year, we calculate your rates to fund construction, maintenance and services in our community.

To work out how much your rates will be, we:

  1. multiply the value of your property by the 'rate in the dollar' that we need to fund community projects and services
  2. add the cost of any waste services you receive
  3. add the fire levy
  4. subtract any concessions you are eligible for

Know Your Council has more information about how all councils in Victoria calculate rates.

Example of the calculation of a rate

  • We determine the Capital Improved Value (CIV) of your house to be $400,000.
  • We determine the 'rate in the dollar' to be 0.002163676.
  • We multiply $400,000 by 0.002163676 for a base rates amount of $865.47.
  • We add the cost of any waste services you receive and the fire levy.
  • We subtract any concessions you are eligible for.

How we value your property

We value properties in Casey every year. This is following Victorian legislation.

We use qualified valuers to assess your property based on:

  • recent sales in the area
  • its location
  • the quality and position of the land
  • the size, age and condition of the building

If you object to a valuation

If you disagree with the valuation of your property, you can:

Valuation objections must be lodged within 2 months of receiving your rates notice. Before submitting an objection online, we encourage you to discuss with your valuer at Council.

A member of our valuation team can:

  • explain in more detail how we valued your property
  • hear and understand your objections
  • advise you what further steps you may be able to take

How we work out the rate in the dollar

We work out the rate in the dollar by:

  • calculating the total amount of rate revenue we require to deliver all our programs and services
  • dividing this amount by the total value of the properties in Casey

This figure is determined via our budget process and changes every year.

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