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Home Maintenance and Modifications

The Home Maintenance team services a range of practical tasks that do not require the skills of a qualified trades person. It is not an emergency service.

The tasks that the Home Maintenance team perform are classified into 3 priority areas:

High priority

These are services and work required to ensure your safety within your home. We can:

  • install smoke alarms with a 10 year battery life.
  • install grab rails and banister rails
  • build and install chair raisers
  • change the direction of bathroom doors
  • install external timber steps and ramps of less than 2 metres
  • build ramps without bannister rails
  • build ramps with bannister rails up to 2.2 metres long
  • install shower rods and handheld water saving shower heads
  • install ross safety hinges so that doors can be removed in an emergency
  • re-hang doors that have dropped.

Medium priority

These are services and basic repair work required to make your home more functional, comfortable, and more energy and water efficient. We can:

  • replace standard tap washers
  • replace standard tap fittings
  • change light globes (energy efficient options preferred)
  • install weather strips / door seals
  • re-light pilot lights
  • replace internal locks
  • install house numbers.

Low priority

These are basic maintenance and small jobs around the home. We can:

  • repair letter boxes
  • hang pictures
  • replace washing line cord
  • replace toilet seats
  • install shelves
  • small plaster repair (holes)
  • fit and change garden hose attachments.

Gutter cleaning

This service is provided by contractors and is available twice per year and booked in two-hour blocks. Conditions may apply. Severe weather such as heat, rain or high winds may impact the availability of this service. 

Heavy duty cleaning

This service is provided by contractors and is available to be booked in two-hour blocks twice per year. It provides a range of cleaning tasks such as cleaning windows, ovens and exhaust fans. Our contractors provide a service that is as environmentally-friendly as possible. 

Services out of scope for Home Maintenance

We cannot help with major works or other work that requires specialised skills. This includes:

  • major building jobs
  • electrical work
  • plumbing
  • regular garden maintenance
  • gutter cleaning of double- story homes
  • installing insulation or other work in the ceiling or roof
  • painting large areas
  • tiling
  • construction of pergolas

Find out more

To find out more about our Home Maintenance and Modifications service, please contact our Community Care team on 9705 5444 or e-mail

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