Filming in Casey

The City of Casey is a film friendly agency that strives to ensure that there is balance with the local amenity of residents, businesses and visitors within the municipality.

A film permit ensures public space is used safely and in accordance with all applicable legislation, local laws and regulations. At the same time, it ensures any disruption is minimal, public land and facilities are managed effectively and that anyone who may potentially be impacted is notified. A film permit applies to filming on Council owned and managed land only, including land, roads, foothpaths and car parks. If you are only proposing to film on private land you need the approval of the land owner.

The Filming Approval Act 2014 sets in place specific standards for public agencies processing and approving permits for commercial filming.

Please note a film permit is not required for still photography.

As a condition of applying for the permit, applicants must abide by the Victorian Screen Industry Code of Conduct, for further information please visit Film Victoria.

Applications for film permits

A completed Film Permit Application form is required and must be submitted at least ten (10) working days prior to the proposed filming commencement date. Acknowledgement of your application will be provided within five (5) working days of receiving your application.

Decisions to approve the application and/or otherwise will be based on the information included in the Film Permit Application, evidence of adequate public liability insurance, and any other documentation requested by Council. Some complex film permit applications may require the internal coordination of approvals and/or consultation with external agencies, such as Victoria Police, and may take up to ten (10) business days to complete.

All enquiries regarding filming should be directed to Council’s Community Safety Officer for further information on requirements on 9705 5200.

On approval, a Film Permit will be issued specifying any conditions for filming, and must be carried by the film maker at all times.

Filming and set-up is not usually permitted between midnight and 6:00am. Unless Council approves a variation in writing, set-up and filming must only occur between the times specified in the permit. In instances where a film maker wishes to film outside the usual permitted filming hours in residential or built up areas, a request must be made to the Community Safety Department as part of the Film Permit Application. A commercial fee of $220 applies. Student filming is exempt of this fee. Payment in full must be made at the time of submitting your application.

Insurance & indemnities

All film permit applications are required to provide evidence of appropriate WorkCover and public liability insurance cover. Applicants must present a Certificate of Currency to the Community Safety Department as part of their film permit application, prior to the application being approved. The Certificate of Currency must clearly state that:

a) the policy covers liability for the death or injury to any person or damage to any property arising out of the activity authorised by the permit;

b) the amount of cover held for filming must not be less than $10 million.

Information that must be supplied to the City of Casey with the copy of the Certificate of Currency includes:

  • Insurer’s name, address, phone, fax and email details;
  • Policy number;
  • Policy expiry date;
  • The names of all the insured parties;
  • Details of what is covered under the insurance policy;
  • Details of all the exclusions under the policy (including policy excess);
  • Public liability value;
  • Details of the insurer’s local representatives (offshore projects only); and
  • Claim forms and claims policy (offshore projects only).

Film permit application

Permit to film application (1mb)

Please complete the following form if you wish to pay for your permit by credit card.

Credit card authorisation form (249kb)

Further information

For more information on film permits, please refer to frequently asked questions.