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When must I renew?What does it cost? How do I renew?Frequently asked questions

When must I renew?

You must renew your pet's registration by 10 April every year.   

What does it cost?

The cost to renew a pet's registration is the same as registering a pet for the first time. For a full breakdown of fees, please see the Pet registration webpage.

Change of circumstances

If your circumstances have changed since you last renewed, you may need to pay a different fee.

Common reasons your circumstances have changed include:

Please contact Council if you believe your renewal fee may have changed.

How do I renew?

Renew Online

If you already have your reference number, pay online via SecurePay.

If you are unable to pay online, you can also pay by:

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Please contact Council to find out your reference number.

To transfer or cancel your pet's registration, please see the Pet registration webpage.