Local Laws Permits

Under the City of Casey Community Local Law 2018, it is a requirement to apply for Local Law Permit for activities on both private and Council owned land.

Permit Application Forms

Listed below are various forms to complete when applying for a permit. If you wish to pay via credit card for those permits where a fee is charged, please complete the following form: Credit card authorisation form (249kb)

Street Trading

Complete this form to apply for a permit to conduct:

  • Footpath trading (alfresco dining, A-frame sign and goods on footpath).
  • Markets/car boot sales 
  • Roadside trading

Street Trading Permit Application Form (913kb)

Excess Animal & Livestock

Complete this form to apply for a permit to keep:

  • Excess cats and/or dogs; and
  • All other livestock

Excess Animals and Livestock Application Form (861kb)

Private Land Use

Complete this form to apply for a permit to conduct the following activities on private land:

  • Use Recreational Vehicles
  •  Keep Long/Heavy Vehicle
  •  Keep Excess Unregistered Vehicles
  •  Place a Shipping Container
  • Discharge Fireworks
  • Reside in a Temporary Dwelling (up to 60 days)

Private Land Use Permit Application Form (879kb)

Public Land Use

Complete this form for a permit to conduct the following activities on public land:

  • Place a clothing bin, skip bin or shipping container on a public road or nature strip
  • Store or repair a vehicle, caravan or trailer on a public road

  • Other obstruction to public road and/or nature strip
  • Conduct an activity in a municipal reserve
  • Conduct fundraising
  • Conduct busking
  • Consume alcohol in a public place
  • Other public land permit activity

Public Land Use Permit Application Form (917kb)

Permit to Burn

Complete this form for to apply for a Permit to Burn

  • for the purposes of fire prevention, intended to reduce sources of ignition and vegetation in the case of an oncoming fire;
  • for agricultural purposes

Permit to Burn Application Form (631kb)

If you require any further information relating to these permits please refer to the City of Casey Community Local Law 2018 page.