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Health and beauty businesses

Register a new health and beauty business. Register a new hairdressing or temporary make-up business. Floor plans. Fees and charges. Health and safety tips.

Health and beauty businesses must be registered with Council. If you are thinking of opening a new business, or want to purchase an existing business, you can contact our Environmental Health Team. They can guide you through the registration process and help you get the registrations you need.
Find useful links to food safety and hygiene information, to support your registered health and beauty business.
Our Environmental Health Officers may inspect any health and beauty business at a reasonable time. We also inspect health and beauty businesses before they are registered. You can also request an inspection before you buy or sell your health and beauty business.
All health and beauty businesses in the City of Casey must be registered and meet strict health and safety laws. If you're concerned about the safety or hygiene of a business, you can make a complaint to our Environmental Health Team.
If you want to run a hairdressing and/or temporary make-up business, you need to register by completing the application form on this page.
Find out how to register your new health or beauty business in Casey.
The fees for registration vary depending on what services your health and beauty business will provide. We recommend you contact the Environmental Health Team to discuss which fees may apply to your business.
You should renew your health and beauty business registration each year. Use our online portal to renew your registration, pay fees and update any changes to your business details.
If you are looking to purchase an existing health and beauty business, you must transfer the business's registration to yourself. We recommend you contact our Environmental Health Team to guide you through this process.

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