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Casey grants recipients

Community grants

Community grants support community projects and events. These local projects promote a sense of inclusion across Casey, help residents be active and engaged in community life and celebrate diversity and cultural heritage.

2021-2022 community grant recipients

2020-2021 community grant recipients

Community Service Organisation (CSO) funding

CSO funding grants help community organisations deliver services that support the residents of Casey. Funding can be used to cover administrative and operational costs. CSO programs can include (but not limited to) health and wellbeing initiatives, support and programs for young people, and advocacy for mental health or drug and alcohol-related issues.

2021-2024 CSO funding recipients

2019-2020 CSO funding recipients

Equipment and training grants

Equipment and training grants are designed to help community groups support and develop their members by buying equipment and providing training. The goal is to allow community groups to operate successfully, diversify their programs and ensure they are inclusive.

2021-2022 equipment and training grant recipients

2020-2021 equipment and training grant recipients

2019-2020 equipment and training grant recipients

Quick Response grants

The Quick Response grants is a program of small grants available to eligible organisations throughout the year to support the establishment and delivery of valuable services, programs, activities and events to the Casey community.

2021-2022 COVID Quick Response grant recipients

2020-2021 Quick Response grant recipients

Arts Development Funding

Arts Development Funding is designed to support performing, visual, literary and digital arts organisations to improve, develop or expand their existing programs and activities or to offer new or innovative arts opportunities for Casey residents.  Three year funding covers 2021, 2022 and 2023.

2021-2023 Arts Development Funding recipients

Event Funding

Event Funding the development and delivery of successful and safe large-scale community events that engage local residents, visitors and businesses and provide opportunities to Casey residents for cultural enrichment, social interaction and active participation in leisure and arts activities in a community setting. Three year funding covers 2019/2020, 2021/2022 and 2022/2023. 

2019-2020 Event Funding recipients 

Inspire and Create Environment Grants

The Inspire and Create Environment Grants support a range of environmental initiatives that inspire people to connect with nature.

2020 Inspire and Create Environment Grants recipients 


Lynbrook Hotel Community Contributions Fund

The Lynbrook Hotel Community Contributions Fund is administered by Council under the direction of the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liqour regulation (VCGLR).  Contributions from the Lynbrook Hotel are distributed to the community as a positive social benefit to Casey residents.

2020 Lynbrook Hotel Community Contributions Fund recipients  


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