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Getting rid of rubbish

casey bins

Ordering bins for a new property

Just moved to Casey and don't have any bins? You can order new bins through our online form.

You can order from a number of bin packages, depending on the size of your new property.

In most cases, the package you choose must include 3 bins (rubbish, recycling and green waste). This helps to keep our city clean and environmentally friendly. If your property is less than 400 square metres (m2), a garden waste bin is optional.

If you are in a rental property, you must order the standard option (with a 120L garbage bin).

Find your bin collection day

We will collect rubbish bins every week. Recycling bins and garden waste are collected every two weeks.

Not sure when your bin day is? You can find your bin collection day through our interactive map.

Hard rubbish collection

Casey residents are allowed 2 hard rubbish collections a year. 

Want to book a hard rubbish collection? You can make a hard rubbish collection booking through our online form. Council also provides guidelines around what we can and can't collect in a hard rubbish collection. 

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