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Get extra help for your child at kindergarten

If your child attends a kindergarten that is funded by the Victorian Government, a PSFO can help you.

A PSFO can help build your child's confidence, knowledge and skills. They will also help to provide an inclusive environment for all children in the classroom.

Support PSFOs provide

A PSFO can provide a range of support, including:

  • discussions about your child's learning and development
  • kindergarten program strategies and resources
  • educator mentoring
  • identifying where to get additional support

How to get support

Before your child attends kindergarten

If you feel your child needs some support the year before they attend kindergarten, please complete a Starting Kindergarten PSFO Referral form.

Please submit the form to us:

While your child is at kindergarten

We provide support for children who are currently attending a kindergarten program. Find below how you can request help and what we can do for your child.

1. Request help from a PSFO

To request help from a PSFO, you and your child's kindergarten teacher must submit a PSFO Support Request form.

The PSFO will contact you after receiving your referral to arrange an observational visit.

2. Arrange an observational visit

Your PSFO will arrange a 2 hour visit at your child's kindergarten at a suitable time. During this visit, they will:

  • observe your child's capabilities
  • observe your child's learning and development needs
  • hold discussions with your child's kindergarten teacher

3. Hold a meeting

Your PSFO will hold a meeting with themselves, your family and your child's kindergarten teacher. During this meeting, everyone can share knowledge and strategies about your child.

4. Make a referral

Based on the previous sessions, your PSFO will recommend pathways for additional support services.

Second year of kindergarten

Your child may be eligible for a second year of kindergarten if the kindergarten teacher observes your child demonstrating delays in at least 2 key outcome areas of their learning and development.

Your PSFO and your kindergarten teacher will work with you and your child to decide whether they may benefit from a second year of kindergarten.

The Victorian Department of Education and Training's has more information about eligibility for a second year of kindergarten.

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