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Get approval for on-site stormwater detention (OSD) system

On-site stormwater detention (OSD) systems reduce the peak flow of stormwater into Council drains. OSD systems temporarily store stormwater runoff within the development site, then discharge into Council drains at a controlled rate.

We will decide if you need an OSD system when assessing your planning application. If required, the installation of an OSD will be enforced as a planning permit condition.

OSD design guidelines

The design of your OSD system must meet our requirements. To help you design a compliant system, you can use our OSD design guidelines and checklist. By following these guidelines, your designs have a much higher chance of being approved.

You can submit the checklist along with your form and plans for approval.

Submit your plans for approval

To submit your plans for approval:

You can submit your application form and plans:

What happens next

  • We will review your plans within 10 business days.
  • If your plans do not meet our requirements, we will notify you. You must amend your designs and resubmit them for approval.
  • If we approve your plans, we will provide you with a stamped copy of your plans.

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