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Foundation to Grade 2: Living things on the farm


Teachers can design an excursion to meet their curriculum needs! Select four OR five of the following activities:

Farm show (most popular)
In a fun and exciting environment, students will get familiar with some of the special animals that live on the farm. This includes our milking goats, and students will be able to take part in the goat milking process!

Animal nursery (most popular)
Explore the Myuna Farm animal nursery. Students will experience hands-on contact with a variety of animals such as:

Students will learn about respect towards animals, their life cycles, animal needs and animal behaviour.

Train ride to the wetlands (most popular)
Catch the train to the Myuna Farm wetlands to learn about the unique ecosystem and its fauna and flora. While at the wetlands, students will also observe and learn about grey-headed flying foxes. They are a threatened species in Victoria and an essential key pollinator.

Paddock feed (most popular)
Feed Myuna Farm’s domestic and native animals by hand! Animals include emus, kangaroos, sheep, alpaca and deer. Students can observe how animals live in their environment and gain an understanding of their living needs.

Waste management (recommended for grades one and two)
An interactive and fun activity where students learn about:

Students will explore Myuna Farm’s giant rubbish bin and play the ‘sorting game’. They will explore the concept of responsible consumption. 

Farm school (recommended for grades one and two)
We introduce students to the role and the importance of farming in food production and textiles. Students get the opportunity to touch and feel items produced through agriculture. They will link different plants and animals with items that they produce through farming. There is also the option to focus on paddock to plate or the production cycle of grains and the flour making process.

Produce gardening
Plant a seed to take home and explore the Myuna Farm community gardens! During this activity, students will see where their food comes from while learning about the key elements that a plant needs to grow. Students will learn the benefits of eating different vegetables and fruits and of growing your own at home.

Pony rides
Have fun and build confidence during a short ride on a Myuna Farm pony!

Please note this activity is only available for foundation level students due to the small size of our ponies.


    • Four unit program: $12.00 per person
    • Five units program: $14.50 per person
    • Registered educational facilities are GST exempt
    • Adults are free (when there is one adult for every five students). Extra adults: $11.50 each
    • Groups must be at least 18 students. If less than 18 students attend, you must still pay for all 18 students.


    Arrive by 10 am for morning tea before commencing activities at 10.20 am.

    Finish times:

    • 4 Unit programs: finish time of 1.40 pm. Option to exclude lunch break and finish the program earlier is available.
    • 5 Unit programs: finish time of 2.20 pm



    Booking enquiries can be made via the online booking form. Or if you have questions, please contact us by emailing [email protected] or calling 9706 9944.

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