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Minister for Local Government appoints Administrator to City of Casey.

Former Amstel Golf Course


The former Amstel Golf Course site is located Cranbourne, south west of the Cranbourne - Frankston and Hall Road intersection. 

map of Amstel Golf Course Development Plan

Planning for the former Amstel Golf Course (Canopy development)

  • Schedule 12 to the Development Plan Overlay (DPO12) applies to the site.
  • DPO12 came into effect following the gazettal of Planning Scheme Amendment C205 in the Casey Planning scheme. This schedule provides guidance for residential development that will take place on site.
  • The General Residential Zone (GRZ) and Schedule 1 to the Residential Zone applies to all land within the site.
  • The site is separated into three areas. See the Amstel Concept Development Plan shown below.
  • Two Development Plans apply to the site:
  • Amstel Golf Club Residential Area Development Plan

Proposed changes to the 2017 adopted Amstel Golf Course Development Plan

The amended draft Development Plan proposes to accommodate a retirement village along the site’s southern boundary, which aligns with the objectives of Schedule 12 of the Development Plan Overlay (DPO12) to “encourage a range of dwelling densities and housing types […]”.

The proposal further includes a new, shared, 2.5m wide path through the southern and western open space areas linking to the main park within the area. This path would also connect into an existing path at Gracehill Mews to the south of the site. Refer to the full amended Draft Amstel Golf Course Development Plan or an overview of the changes as shown in below maps:

Adopted Development Plan layout
Adopted Development Plan layout
Proposed draft amended Development Plan layout
Proposed draft amended Development Plan layout

Council invites you to comment on the proposal via postal or electronic submissions addressed to:

  • via post -
    Growth and Investment Strategic Planning
    City of Casey
    PO Box 1000
  • via email –

The closing date for submissions is the 25 February 2020.

Should you have any queries about the proposed amendment, please contact Council’s Growth and Investment Department on 03 9705 5200.

More information

For any other enquiries relating to the former Amstel Golf Course (Canopy development), please contact Growth and Investment: