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Find the legal point of stormwater discharge

The legal point of discharge is where stormwater from your property discharges into a Council managed drain or the street kerb and channel. To find this location, you must apply for a report to be generated. We cannot provide this information verbally.

You can find general information about infrastructure under your property on the Dial Before You Dig webpage. This is a free service.

You may need a legal point of discharge report when applying for a building permit.


You must pay an application fee of $149.40 with your application.

How to apply

To obtain a legal point of discharge from us, complete the Stormwater Legal Point of Discharge Application form.

You can submit this form and payment:

What happens next

  • We will provide standard legal points of discharge information within 10 working days.
  • If you have not received your report after 10 working days, please contact us.

Please note

  • The legal point of discharge report will show the point where stormwater from a property must be discharged and details (size, depth and offset) of the Council drains within the property boundary (where information is available).
  • An additional application must be submitted for details of Council drains located on an adjacent property or in the road reserve (fees are payable for each application).
  • The report will not show details of downpipes and associated internal stormwater drainage on the property. You should contact a plumber to find this information.
  • The Council drain details are a guide only and Council records may not show as-constructed conditions. The applicant must verify all information on site and make sure the Council drain is not damaged by the proposed development or works.