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Find policies, plans and strategies about financial matters at Casey.


Title Summary
Civic Functions Policy This policy provides guidelines for determining when Council holds civic functions.
Debtor Write Off Policy The purpose of Council’s Debtor Write Off Policy is to describe the criteria and circumstances for the writing off of unrecoverable or bad debts owed to Council for services provided to or received by the debtor.
Investment Policy The purpose of Council’s Investment Policy is to ensure that:

Responsible Council officers invest surplus funds with approved financial institutions.
All funds are invested in accordance with legislative and council requirements.
Investment decisions are based on the security of funds by limiting exposure to risk.
The financial yield is enhanced through prudent investment of funds, whilst ensuring sufficient liquidity for Council’s day to day operational commitments.
Overpayment of Rates Policy This policy details the criteria for refunding balances that are in credit as a result of an overpayment of rates.
Partnership Policy - Sponsorship Policy (Incoming) All Council services, events, facilities such as community centres, sports centres, parks, gardens and sports pitches are mainly paid for by the community through the rates system. If you then add in to the mix refuse collection, roads (construction and maintenance) and the extensive range of community services, the amount of revenue required to maintain and grow our services, maintain our facilities, roll out a capital works program and deliver many other programs is a costly and massive undertaking for the Council. The community quite rightly expects the Council to provide excellent services and deliver community facilities and infrastructure to meet the needs of our growing population. Developer contributions for the newer suburbs also contribute to the provision of new community centres and sports ovals and we can provide facilities and deliver many programs to a high standard.

However, there are nearly always additional things that can be done which would benefit the local community even more. Whether that is being able to reduce the cost of using a facility, being able to deliver additional programs or being able to add additional features to community and sporting ovals.

Councils throughout Australia have always sought sponsorship as a means of adding value to what a Council can deliver to its community. The City of Casey is no exception and has received money from” sponsors” for many years through some of its economic development programs such as the Business Awards Program and the annual Women’s Business Lunch. Until now there has not been a sponsorship policy which clearly sets out the parameters which need to be applied in relation to the receipt of such financial or “in kind” contributions. It has just been the “custom and practice” to accept such contributions.

The Sponsorship and Partnership Policy seeks to address this policy vacuum in ensuring that the Council, in seeking additional funds or “in kind” support, is acting in the best interests of the community, is acting ethically and is being transparent in its dealing with potential commercial partners and sponsors. The purpose of any partnership agreement or sponsorship is to add value to something the Council already does and is not intended to replace the existing funding.

The purpose of this sponsorship and partnership policy is to provide a structured framework to guide the context and establishment of decisions regarding incoming sponsorship and partnership agreements.

It is expected that interest in providing sponsorship will be mainly around the provision of arts focussed programs at Bunjil Place, events such as the Kids Carnival and the GP Run, sporting programs and business events and programs.

The Council has just adopted a Smart Cities Strategy and is focussed on adopting innovative programs and work practices which deliver improved outcomes for the community. Sponsorship and partnering to deliver many of the initiatives in the Smart Cities Strategy will also be a major focus.

This policy is consistent and supported by:

Council Plan
Municipal Health and Wellbeing Plan
Events Policy
Code of Conduct for Employees
Code of Conduct for Volunteers
Councillor Code of Conduct
Diversity, Access and Inclusion Policy
Procurement Policy
Any associated and incorporated documents, strategies or plans.
Procurement Policy The purpose of this Policy is to establish a procurement framework to achieve best value in price, quality and timeliness through consistent, competitive and transparent processes.
Rate Payment and Financial Hardship Policy In accordance with the Local Government Act 1989, Council levies Rates and Charges on rateable land to provide for services to the community. The City of Casey recognises there are cases for genuine financial hardship requiring respect and compassion in particular circumstances.


Title Summary
Casey Cardinia Region Economic Development Strategy 2016-2017 This strategy has been developed to assist the Councils in supporting economic development in the Casey Cardinia region.
Each of the key principles has been informed by the economic development vision and developed in conjunction with representatives of the business community.
It is envisaged that the actions supporting each of the key principles will assist in bringing about the key objectives of the strategy and bring about new investment and jobs for local people.
Revenue and Rating Strategy The purpose of the Revenue and Rating Strategy is to determine the most appropriate and affordable revenue and rating approach for the City of Casey which, in conjunction with other income sources, will adequately finance the objectives proposed in the Council Plan.
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