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Find policies, plans and strategies about financial matters at Casey.


Title Summary
Civic Functions Policy This policy provides guidelines for determining when Council holds civic functions.
Grants Policy This Policy provides direction for the administration of Council’s Grants and Contributions Program
Procurement Policy The purpose of this Policy is to establish a procurement framework to achieve best value in price, quality and timeliness through consistent, competitive and transparent processes.
Rate Payment and Financial Hardship Policy In accordance with the Local Government Act 1989, Council levies Rates and Charges on rateable land to provide for services to the community. The City of Casey recognises there are cases for genuine financial hardship requiring respect and compassion in particular circumstances.


Title Summary
Casey Cardinia Region Economic Development Strategy 2016-2017 This strategy has been developed to assist the Councils in supporting economic development in the Casey Cardinia region.
Each of the key principles has been informed by the economic development vision and developed in conjunction with representatives of the business community.
It is envisaged that the actions supporting each of the key principles will assist in bringing about the key objectives of the strategy and bring about new investment and jobs for local people.
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