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Fast-tracked planning assessments


Your planning application may qualify under the VicSmart assessment process. For applications assessed under VicSmart:

  • We expect a decision within 10 business days.
  • Applications do not require advertising.
  • We pre-set the information you must submit with your application.

You must meet a set criteria for your application to be considered under the VicSmart process. This criteria is specified under Clause 92 of the Casey Planning Scheme.

You must provide all required information with your VicSmart application. Otherwise, we will request further information. The information requirements for each type of VicSmart process are specified under Clause 93 of the Casey Planning Scheme.

Further information on the VicSmart assessment process is also provided at Clause 91 and on the State Government Planning website.

Facilitated Development Program

The Casey Cardinia region offers a Facilitated Development Program to prioritise commercial and industrial developments that support the delivery of local jobs through business expansion or new investment. Planning applications must demonstrate that development will improve the viability of existing businesses or create new employment opportunities within the region to be considered for the program.

Planning applications lodged with us may be prioritised through the Facilitated Development Program and considered within one of the 3 streams below. Should your application not meet the below criteria, it will be considered under the standard planning permit application process.

VicSmart applications

Must meet all criteria below:

  • Clearly demonstrates creation of local jobs.
  • Application is for a buildings and works within Industrial Zones or Commercial Zones.
  • Proposal meets the application class requirements listed at Clause 92.03 of the Casey Planning Scheme.
  • All information requirements listed at Clause 93.04 of the Casey Planning Scheme supplied at lodgement.

21 Day Decision

Must meet all criteria below:

  • Clearly demonstrates creation of local jobs.
  • Must be a ‘Section 1’ use of the relevant Zone under the Casey Planning Scheme.
  • No advertising required.
  • No statutory referrals required.
  • No reduction in car parking required.
  • No Cultural Heritage Management Plan required.
  • No covenants or restrictions on Title that would prevent Council issuing a permit.

Major Developments

Must meet all criteria below:

  • Clearly demonstrates creation of local jobs and significant investment in the City of Casey.
  • All required documentation provided at lodgement.
  • Pre application meeting held with Council Officers.


  • Be nominated as a Facilitated Development Application by the Director / Manager of Building and Planning.

Talk to us

We’re here to help you with general planning matters. We encourage you to talk to us before you submit your planning application. This could save you time and help you to submit your application correctly.

To talk to the planner on duty:

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