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Family violence infringement review

Apply to Council for a review

If you are experiencing family violence, or have experienced family violence in the past, and this contributed to an offence being committed, you may apply through Council to have your infringement reviewed and potentially withdrawn.

How to request a review

To request a review:

Please submit your documentation before the infringement due date.

Request a review under the Family Violence Scheme

The Family Violence Scheme supports people affected by family violence within the fines system.

The scheme allows you to apply to have your fines withdrawn if family violence substantially contributed to the offence or it is not safe for you to name the responsible person.

Eligible fines

You can request a review under the Family Violence Scheme for:

  • parking offences
  • road-related offences

You can apply to Council for a review of other offences against Council's local laws or planning laws.

How to request a review

Complete the Family Violence Scheme application form on the Fines Victoria website.

The form will tell you what you need to include with your application.

Fines Victoria will follow up with you to let you know the outcome of your review.

Find out more

For more information, please visit the Family Violence Scheme website.

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