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Family Day Care fees

Child Care Subsidy (CCS)

The Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is a payment made by the Australian Government to help families with the cost of child care. To register for CCS, please contact the Family Assistance office on 136 150.

Find out more at the DESE website.

When you have been assessed according to your income level, you will only pay the educator the discounted fee at the end of each week. The educator will receive the CCS component directly from the service.

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Booked Care Casual Care Public Holiday Service Fee (retained by co-ordination unit)

Standard Hours

7.30 am - 5.30 pm
Monday to Friday
$9.40 per hour

Standard Hours

7.30 am - 5.30 pm
Monday to Friday
$11.40 per hour

All care provided on a
public holiday

= $17.00 per hour

The hourly rate includes a service fee of $1.80 per hour – retained by the service.

Non Standard Hours

All hours before 7.30 am and
after 5.30 pm Monday to Friday

Plus Weekend hours
= $13.20 per hour

Non Standard Hours

5.30 pm - 7.30 am
Monday to Friday

= $14.00 per hour


There is a minimum booking of hours per day (excludes casual care) – five hours for non school children and two hours for school children.

Meals and travel

  • Breakfast = $4.20
  • Lunch = $4.20
  • Dinner = $5.20
  • Snacks = $3.20 (Each) - Max. 2 per day
  • Travel is calculated each day $3.40 every 5 km. Travel to school and kindergarten is charged only on one child per family if all attend the same venue.

Communication fee (booked care only)

A penalty fee of $5.00 may be charged when the educator has not been provided at least 15 minutes notice for any changes to the booking time.

Note: CCS is not paid on the penalty rate.

Absences and absence fees

  • All absences are charged at the normal rate. CCS is paid for 42 absences across all services per financial year. This includes public holidays, illness, curriculum days etc.
  • CCS can’t be claimed for absences taken for more than 6 consecutive weeks.

Booked Care

If you chose to use booked care with an Educator, your educator will always have these days and times available for you. You will also pay for this place even if you child is absent. This model of care provides certainty of care for parents who have a fixed work schedule. Changes can be made to your booking by providing a weeks notice to your educator. In some cases, a booked roster can be accommodated. 

Casual Care

Casual care provides you the flexibility to use care only when needed without any commitments. You will only pay for the days and times you use. There is no guarantee that an Educator will have this place available for you. Families that use this model of care will often have multiple educators to ensure they can access care when they need it. If you find you are using the same days and times each week, we would encourage you to make a booking with your educator to ensure the place remains available for you.

School holiday care

Some families only need school holiday care while some use care all year.

Children in before/after school care who also book school holiday care need to give educators notice if they will be absent. They must give one weeks’ notice before the school holidays start and will be charged the normal before/after school care fees. If they give less than a week’s notice, they will be charged for a full holiday care day.

If school holiday care is required and a public holiday falls in that time – an absence fee will still be charged.

If families only book care for school holidays – 4 weeks’ notice needs to be given or absence fees will be charged.

Note: New booking or change of booking – you will receive an online Complying Written Arrangement (CWA) from the office. You will need to accept or decline.

Back up care

Families can book back up care when their regular educator is not available. Once this booking has been made, an absence fee will be applied if the child is absent. This agreement excludes public holidays.

CCS can only be paid towards one educator/service. If you have booked back up care but want to return to your regular educator, and there is an overlap in booking, both fees must be paid. CCS will only be applied to one payment.

Termination of care

Either parent or educator must give one week’s notice.

Note: CCS can't be claimed for holding fees ending with an absence.

Availability of educator

If the educator is unavailable to provide the care – no fee is charged.

Fee schedule

Download the 2021 fee schedule

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