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Family Day Care

Council is transitioning out of being a FDC provider in 2021. The information below is available to assist new and existing families using the service.

About Family Day Care

Council is transitioning out of being a Family Day Care provider. As the number of our educators is reducing,  we are no longer able to support families to find an educator through our service.

Families looking for a Family Day Care provider can use the Child Care Finder tool to find a new provider within Casey.

FDC is bound by the same standards, compliance and safety requirements as any childcare provider. It offers its own unique benefits for families including:

  • A natural, low-stress home learning environment.
  • A small group setting with a maximum of four preschool-aged children in care at one time.
  • Flexible hours and the possibility of after-hours, weekend and overnight childcare with some educators.
  • Lower minimum sessions/booking requirements than most childcare providers.

Enrol in Family Day Care 

You can still enrol in Family Day Care by filling out an Expression of Interest form:

Submit an Expression of Interest

Coronavirus safety 

If your child is displaying any possible coronavirus symptoms, please keep them at home and seek medical advice.

If you have returned to Australia from overseas you must self-isolate for 14 days. After the self-isolation period and your child is in full health, they can attend their sessions. 

Small group setting

Care is provided to small groups of children with a ratio of one educator to four preschool-aged children. There is also an option of an extra three school-aged children. Small groups allow children to develop strong relationships with educators and other children in care.

FDC also provides the opportunity for siblings to be in care together. It’s a convenient option for parents as there is only one drop off point. Some educators can also transport children to and from kindergarten and school, according to care needs.

Support and mentoring

Council’s local coordination unit resources and supports educators. Council’s FDC support officers do spontaneous visits to educators each month. They also provide educators with resources, regular training and professional development. This ensures high-quality care and education are given to all families in the service.

Council also provides families and educators with a range of opportunities with local playgroups of all ages. These include library excursions and kindergarten transition activities.

Commitment to quality

Council tracks and manages the FDC service. Our service has been assessed and rated as 'meeting' by the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA).

Our educators follow the National Quality Framework. They have implemented a program to support the development of all children.

FDC Educators are:

  • contractors with the City of Casey
  • fully trained in early childhood and take part in on-going professional development
  • regularly monitored and supported by qualified staff at the City of Casey
  • committed to providing a safe, stimulating and flexible environment for your children
  • professionals with a caring attitude that understand the needs of children and their families

FDC educators are required to:

  • have homes that meet the safety requirements for children
  • have annual safety, roadworthy and restraint checks on vehicles they use
  • hold a current Police Check and First Aid certificate
  • complete asthma and anaphylaxis training
  • hold a Working With Children Check (WWCC) for themselves and all members of the household over 17 years of age
  • be covered by Public Liability insurance.

For information on babies and children, view Casey's Baby Steps website.

Council's decision to no longer be a FDC provider

The City of Casey will no longer provide Family Day Care (FDC) services from 1 December, 2021. 

This decision was made at a Council meeting after a review found local families had access to a broad range of other providers already delivering this service within the municipality.

Council regularly reviews its services and programs to ensure they are meeting community needs.

Council's FDC service was reviewed in 2016-17 and again in 2020-21.

The review found that the number of educators and families using the City of Casey’s FDC service has been steadily declining over the past four years. As a result, Council decided at its meeting on 18 May 2021 to transition out of being a FDC provider. 

There are also a number of other providers offering FDC services in City of Casey. These providers have been independently assessed as providing a suitable service under the National Quality Standards. 

What happens next 

Council will transition out of the service over the coming months and will no longer be a FDC provider as of 1 December 2021.

Council will also be supporting educators to find another provider to ensure they can still operate after 30 November 2021.

For more information on Council's decision to transition out of FDC services, please email

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