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Why Models Work - The History Edition

Presented by Melbourne Museum

Museums Victoria Lectures continue! In celebration of our newest exhibition, Mini Mega Model Museum, we're 'Zoom'ing in on the fascinating world of models.

This series of Zoom-hosted live lectures features curators, collection managers and conservators presenting detailed studies of models in the exhibition. Each lecture explores the models in more detail from the experts who care for them and use them in their work.

Register online to receive your Zoom invite and link to a virtual walk-through experience of the Mini Mega Model Museum exhibition.

The History Edition

Museums Victoria Curators present models from the History Collection; the massive handmade dollhouse ‘Pendle Hall’, the nineteenth-century Colosseum model fashioned from cork and a poignant collection of Trench Art from WW1.


Michael Reason – Curator, Leisure & Social Spaces
Deb Tout-Smith – Senior Curator, Home & Community
Sarah Babister – Conservator, Objects
Matilda Vaughan – Exhibition Curator, Mini Mega Model Museum (Curator, Engineering)

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Various locations
Online event