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Why Models Work - The Dinosaur Edition

Presented by Melbourne Museum

This lecture series features curators, collection managers and conservators presenting detailed studies of models in the exhibition, Mini Mega Model Museum at Melbourne Museum. Each edition explores the models in more detail from the experts who care for them and use them in their work.

In this edition join Senior Curator Thomas Rich presenting two centuries of changing ideas about the dinosaur Iguanodon; it’s an intriguing story of discovery and re-interpretation.

Tom will illustrate how scientists’ ideas of dinosaurs shifted from that of lumbering, sluggish reptiles to dynamic and sociable animals. He will explain how different lines of evidence led scientists to dramatically revise their view of Iguanodon and re-shape the models illustrating its pose and locomotion.


  • Thomas Rich – Senior Curator, Vertebrate Palaeontology
  • Matilda Vaughan – Exhibition Curator, Mini Mega Model Museum (Curator, Engineering)
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Various locations
Online event