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Children’s Week 2020 - Day 2

To celebrate Children’s Week 2020, we have put together a four-day program jam-packed with lots of fun and interactive activities for children aged 0 to 12 years.

Today we invite children to explore their backyards with lots of scavenger hunt activities.

While we have provided suggested ages on each of the activities - everyone, including parents or guardians are welcome to get in on the fun

  • All ages: Build your wildlife knowledge with these educational videos by Wildlife Exposure and learn all about Australia's native animals, marine life and more!
    Marine Life
    - Native Animals
    Creepy Crawlies
    Vulnerable & Endangered Species

    Or explore and connect with nature in your backyard and share your observations via the iNaturalist app as part of the City of Casey and Greater Dandenong’s Backyard Biodiversity Blitz competition!
  • Ages 0-4: Foraging for Nature Treasures
    What can you find in your backyard? Use this handy checklist to help you kick your treasure hunt off. Can you create a collage using your treasures? Take a photo of your of what you have found and your collage and share on our Facebook page. Don’t forget to put your nature treasures back into the garden once you have finished.
  • Ages 5-8: Birds in my backyard
    Create a drawing or take pictures of birds in your backyard or in your local community and share them on our Facebook page using #AussieBirdCount.
  • Ages 9-12: Backyard Skygazing
    Are you interested in learning more about the moon, constellations and mapping the night sky? For all you budding astronomers, we have put together some great activities for you to explore the night sky from your backyard.
    - Find these constellations 
    - Moon observation journal

Extra activities for children aged 8+:

  • Aussie Backyard Bird Count
    The Aussie Backyard Bird Count involves observing and counting the birds that live near you. By counting the birds you’ve seen within a 20 minute period, you will help BirdLife Australia develop an understanding of the movements of our local birds and get know the wildlife on your doorstep! Visit to find out more.

  • Scavenger Hunt + Nature Wall Mobile
    Take some time outside in your garden to complete the nature scavenger hunt. Challenge your friends and family and see who can score the most points! When you have completed your scavenger hunt, why not challenge yourself to make a nature mobile, download instructions here.

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