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Event Funding

Important information 

  • Name: Event Funding 
  • Status: Closed
  • Frequency: Once every three years. Won’t be offered again until 2025.
  • Amount: Up to $25,000 (although we may not approve the full amount you request)
  • Previously successful applicants

What is Event Funding?

The City of Casey has a long term vision to become a more connected, bold and resilient community. Local community groups and organisations contribute to this vision by providing a range of programs, activities, services and events that help make Casey an inclusive and thriving community. 

Council seeks to support and work cooperatively with community organisations and business groups to develop and deliver a range of events that encourage people to be engaged and active. Council’s Event Funding program provides eligible organisations with funding to support large-scale or significant events that benefit local residents and attract visitors.

Two year funding is available which provides greater financial certainty for organising groups and assists with forward planning. The costs of delivering an event, along with some associated operational and administrative expenses are eligible.

Purpose of this grant

 The objectives of Council’s Event Funding program are to: 

  • Support the development and delivery of successful and safe large-scale community events that engage local residents, visitors and businesses.
  • Provide opportunities to Casey residents for cultural enrichment, social interaction and active participation in leisure and arts activities in a community setting.
  • Encourage events that support local businesses and contribute to the economic development and prosperity of the city.  

Event Funding Categories

Event Funding has three categories, depending upon the event type, size and purpose. For all categories, the event must be held in Casey. Each category has its own eligibility and assessment criteria.  The three categories are:

1. Large Events Funding 

For large community-based events that are publicly accessible and provided for free or low cost.

This category is for community-based annual events that attract over 1,000 people and have significant community support and participation.  The event should be targeted primarily at the local community and provided for free or at a low cost.  These can be established events or new events. Established memorial (ANZAC Day for example) and community Australia Day events with fewer than 1,000 participants can also apply in this category. Other events include cultural festivals, arts events and Christmas Carols. 

  • Eligible applicants:
    • Not-for-profit, incorporated community organisations 
  • Funding available: 
    • $5,000 to $25,000 per year for 2 years
  • To be eligible in this category, the event must:  
    • be held in Casey
    • be held annually for the next 2 years
    • attract at least 1,000 people
    • be community-based and primarily in-person 
    • be open to the general public/wider Casey community     
    • be provided for free or at low cost.
  • Assessment criteria:
    1. Community participation and significance of the event
    2. Positive impact of the event in Casey
    3. Capacity of the organisation to manage the funding and deliver the event
    4. Financial considerations and event budget

2. Events for Charity Fundraising

For annual events that raise funds for a charity or community organisation and are accessible to the wider community.

This is specifically for events that aim to make a profit so that funds can be distributed to registered charities or community organisations. Events must include wider community participation and benefit.   

  • Eligible applicants:
    • Service clubs, charities, not-for-profit, incorporated community organisations or groups auspiced by an eligible applicant. 
  • Funding available: 
    • Up to $4,000 per year for 2 years 
  • To be eligible in this category, the event must:  
    • be held in Casey
    • be held annually for the next 2 years
    • raise funds to distribute to a registered charity or community organisation 
    • be open to the wider Casey community and accessible to the general public. 
  • Assessment criteria:
    1. Community participation and engagement
    2. Positive impact of the event in Casey (including value of the funds raised for the Casey community)
    3. Capacity of the organisation to manage the funding and deliver the event
    4. Financial considerations and event budget.


3. Events for Business 

This includes business events that support and engage local businesses and business groups.  For example networking events, trade shows, exhibitions etc.

  • Eligible applicants:
    • Chambers of Commerce, traders’ associations (must be incorporated or auspiced by an incorporated organisation)
  • Funding available: 
    • Up to $5,000 per event
  • To be eligible in this category, the event must:  
    • be held in Casey
    • can be a once only or an annual event
    • must take place in the funding period (1 July 2023 and 30 June 2025)
    • should engage the business community and provide economic benefit.
  • Assessment criteria:
    1. Community participation and engagement.
    2. Positive impact of the event in Casey (including economic benefit to local businesses.
    3. Capacity of the organisation to manage the funding and deliver the event.
    4. Financial considerations and event budget.


    What will not be funded

    • Events not held in Casey
    • Applications from individuals, political parties/groups or government agencies at local, state or federal level
    • Applications from schools or universities and school or university events
    • Events with the sole purpose of advocating a religious or political faith or belief
    • Small scale community events with less that 1,000 in-person attendees with the exception of established memorial or Australia Day events. (Other small scale events may be eligible for a City of Casey Community Grant which are offered annually. 
    • On-line events or hybrid events that have an in-person attendance of less than 1,000 participants.
    • Membership based activities that are mainly for members of a club of organisation.  (These events may be eligible for a City of Casey Community Grant which are offered annually.)
    • Events already funded through another Council grant program
    •  Events that take place before the application is submitted or do not take place in the two-year funding period (July 2023 – June 2025).
    • Operational costs for the Events for Business category
    • Events that are not open to the general public (with the exception of the Events for Business category).

    How successful grants are decided?

    Funding applications are checked for eligibility by Council officers.  Eligible applications are then assessed by an Assessment Panel against the stated assessment criteria.  Consideration will also be given to the total funding available and the distribution of events across the municipality. Funding allocations across different categories will be determined by the applications received.  At the discretion of the Panel, some applications may be referred for consideration through the City of Casey Community Grants program.

    How event funding works

    • This is two-year funding and this funding program will not be offered again until 2025.
    • For new events, funding in year two is dependent upon Council’s assessment of event outcomes in year one 
    • Organisations can submit more than one application in the same or a different category provided that the total amount does not exceed the maximum amount available for that category.
    • In the Events for Business category, you must apply through this process for events that will be held between July 2023 and June 2025. 
    • The full amount requested may not be approved; the Assessment Panel may recommend partial funding. 
    • Multi-year funding agreements up to a maximum of two years will be offered to organisations, subject to the decision of Council.
    • Successful organisations have until 30 June each year to complete their event. 
    • An evaluation report and acquittal form must be submitted online within 60 days of the completion of the event or by 30 June each year, whichever is earlier.

    If your application is successful

    • We will notify you by email.
    • Multi-year funding agreements up to a maximum of two years will be offered to organisations, subject to the decision of Council.
    • You will need to refer to your Funding Agreement and review our Grants Policy and adhere to the conditions as outlined.
    • Successful applicants are required to provide annually, evidence of the organisation’s current Public Liability Insurance ($10 million minimum).
    • If you have any outstanding payments to Council, you will need to clear these before we can pay the grant.
    • If you have any outstanding Casey grant acquittals, where possible these should be finalised before we can pay the grant funds

    If your application is unsuccessful

    An email will be sent to unsuccessful groups explaining why the application was not successful.  Groups are encouraged to make another application in future, provided that the group is eligible.

    Application timeline

    March – April 2023 City of Casey Grants officers available to discuss event prior to submitting application. Organisations must contact Council before starting the application process.
    Monday 20 March 2023 Applications for funding open
    Wednesday 22 March 2023

    Information sessions held


    Friday 28 April 2023 Applications close at 5.00 pm - there is no access to online applications after 5.00 pm. Late applications will not be accepted.
    May – June 2023 Applications are processed to determine eligibility. Panel meetings take place to assess applications.
    July - August 2023  Applicants are notified of the outcome of their application. 
    Funding agreements distributed.
    August 2023 Grant funds paid

    What sort of event approvals, permits and licences could I need?

    You may need to get different approvals, permits and licences to run your event. Council’s event approval process will help you identify what Council permits you will need and is designed to help you plan a safe and successful event. You will need to complete this process each year before grant funds are paid to successful applicants.  If you need permits or licences from other government agencies, you will need to organise these. 

    You may need to complete an Event Approval Application if your event involves:

    • temporary structures such as stages, jumping castles, amusement rides, marquees
    • road or public car park closures 
    • fireworks 
    • alcohol 

    Please note, as an event organiser it is your responsibility to adhere to any current COVID-19 restrictions set out by State Government. For the latest updates please visit the State Government website.


    Who can I contact for further information?

    Community Grants officers are available to answer questions about how to apply, the grant criteria and general queries.  Applicants are strongly advised to speak with a Grants officer prior to commencing an application.  Contact 9705 5200 or email [email protected]

    Tell us how your grant was used

    After you have completed your project, you must tell us how you spent the grant money and what the outcomes of the project were. This is known as an acquittal process. You must complete the acquittal process online within 60 days of spending the money or by 30 June, whichever is earliest.

    Find out more about the acquittal process.

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