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Equipment and training grants

Before you apply for an equipment and training grant, please read through the information below. It will give you the best chance of your application being successful.

Important information

Purpose of this grant

Equipment and Training Grants are designed to help community groups:

  • support and develop volunteers and group members
  • buy equipment so they can operate successfully
  • diversify their programs and ensure they are inclusive

Who can apply for this grant

To apply for this grant, you must:

  • be based (meet or hold activities) in Casey
  • be a not for profit or charitable organisation
  • be a legal entity (e.g. an incorporated association, a co-operative, company or trust) or under the auspice of one.
  • have public liability insurance of $10 million
  • be able to demonstrate significant support in the community for your group
  • create an itemised budget, detailing how you will spend the funds
  • submit your application and documentation online
  • have acquitted any previous grants you have received from us

Who cannot apply for this grant

  • Individuals
  • Government agencies
  • Businesses
  • Political parties or groups
  • Schools and universities
  • Council managed kindergartens

What we can fund

Examples of what you could use funding from this grant for include:

  • training for group members and volunteers – first aid, leadership, coaching and COVID-19 related training
  • Purchase of essential equipment needed for services or programs – sporting equipment, audio-visual equipment, cooking equipment and Covid-19 related equipment.*

* Please note, Covid-19 equipment refers to items such as Perspex or plastic barriers, hand sanitiser dispensers etc.  Disposable or consumable items - such as disposable masks and hand sanitiser - are not eligible items.

What we cannot fund

We cannot accept applications for:

  • fundraising purposes
  • insurance costs
  • programs that only advocate religion or faith
  • utilities such as phone, electricity and internet
  • consumables such as printer cartridges, paper and ongoing stationery items
  • reimbursement for funds already spent
  • rent/room/hall hire fees
  • staff wages
  • capital works items (an item permanently fixed to the ground or building)

How we decide on successful grants

We will be looking at how well your application meets one or more of the following criteria.

The equipment or training:

  • is essential to the operation and/or success of the activity, program or community group
  • will help the community group increase safety and/or participation in its programs and activities into the future

Committee members, group members, and coaches or volunteers will:

  • use the equipment often and be used by several people
  • use the training they receive to help your community group

How the grants work

  • We will notify you by email
  • In the email, we will include the Information for Community Grant Recipients document which will outline the conditions for your grant
  • You will need to review Council’s Grants Policy
  • If you have any outstanding payments to Council, you will need to clear these before we can pay the grant.


For groups with an auspice, funds are usually paid directly to the auspice itself. This auspice is responsible for ensuring the funds are spent per the application, and any special conditions Council may require.

Tell us how your grant was used

After you have completed your project, you must tell us how you spent the grant money and what the outcomes of the project were. This is known as an acquittal process. You must complete the acquittal process online within 60 days of spending the money or by the 30 June, whichever is earliest.

Find out more about the acquittal process.

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