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New bins

If you have recently moved to a new property in the City of Casey, you can order a rubbish bin, a recycling bin and a garden waste bin.


You can choose from a number of bin packages depending on the size of your property. The cost for the different packages will be charged to your rates. As part of your rates, you also receive two hard waste collections each year. All fees are shown on your rates notice. 

In most cases, the package you choose must include three bins (rubbish , recycling and green waste). This helps to keep our city clean and environmentally friendly. A green waste bin is optional if your property is less than 400 square metres (m2).

In all cases, bins are owned by the City of Casey. You must not remove them from your property for any reason.

Residential (households)

Rubbish, recycling and garden waste bins

Eco option


80 litre Rubbish Bin + Recycling Bin + Garden Waste Bin


Standard option

rubbish_120-small.jpg  recycle-small.jpggarden-small.jpg

120 litre Rubbish Bin + Recycling Bin + Garden Waste Bin


Recycling and Garden Waste bins are 240 litre only.

Rubbish and recycling only

You can only order this package if your property is less than 400m2.

Eco option


80 litre Rubbish Bin + Recycling Bin


Standard option


120 litre Rubbish Bin + Recycling Bin


Recycling bins are 240 litre only.

Commercial (businesses)

Unfortunately we are not able to supply garden waste bins for businesses.

Eco option


Recycling Bin

(including GST)

Standard option


120 litre Rubbish Bin + Recycling Bin

(including GST)

Replacement bins

If any of your bins are missing, stolen or damaged beyond repair, you can ask for a replacement. This is a free service.

Before doing this:

  • check with your neighbours to see if they have your bin by accident
  • see if your bin has ended up further down the street

If your bin is damaged beyond repair, please make sure it is empty before you ask for it to be replaced.

Parts and repairs

If you have minor damage to the lid, pins or wheels of your bin, we will repair the bin at your home. This is a free service. If you need to have the wheels replaced, please make sure the bin is empty before we arrive to repair it.

If we cannot repair the bin, we will leave a card in your letterbox with our contact details on it. Please contact us to organise a replacement bin. 

Additional bins

You can order additional bins if the ones you have are not enough to manage your waste. The cost of these bins is added to your rates notice.

Your household can have a maximum of two bins of each type (for example, two recycling bins).

Cost of additional bins


Annual rates fee


Rubbish Bin

$204 each

120 litre

Green Waste Bin

$72 each

240 litre

Recycling Bin


240 litre


Before paying for an additional bin, consider:

You will be exempt from the cost of additional bins if you have:

  • six or more people in your house
  • a medical condition that means you need to create extra waste

Cancelling a bin

If you have an additional bin that you no longer need, we can remove it for you. In most cases, your rates include three bins (rubbish , recycling and green waste). You should keep these to manage your waste.

Please make sure your bin is empty before you ask for it to be removed.

Timeframes and delivery

We will action bin requests within three working days.

You can collect any new or replacement bin(s) from your nature strip or nearby laneway, along with your Recycling and Waste Guide (PDF 2.3MB). Your bins will be marked with your house number.

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