Commercial waste

How much is waste costing your business?

Two thirds of the waste sent to landfill in our region is generated by the Commercial and Industrial sector.

According to a recent survey:

  • 73% of the waste produced by the 53,936 businesses represented goes to landfill
  • This equates to ONE MILLION TONNES with collection, transport and disposal costs of some $221 MILLION!
  • 67% of businesses currently recycle some of their waste

How much waste does your business produce?

Business Category

Annual Waste (m3)

% Recycling

Major Items Recycled

Accomodation / Cafes / Restaurants 236,816 70 paper, cooking oil, organics, cardboard, co-mingled
Agriculture 240,730 59 paper, organics, metal
Cultural & Recreation 332,592 50 paper, cardboard, co-mingled
Education 874,293 76 paper, cardboard, metal, co-mingled
Health & Community Services 392,914 45 paper, cardboard, co-mingled
Manufacturing 6,244,236 78 paper, cardboard, metal, co-mingled
Offices 4,252,716 75 paper, cardboard
Personal Services 64,840 75 paper, cardboard, co-mingled
Retail Trade 529,932 58 paper, cardboard, co-mingled
Wholesale Trade 1,579,842 64 paper, cardboard, co-mingled

How can you reduce waste?

Many businesses that introduce waste management practices find they slash the cost of disposal in half with little effort!

  • Start with simple measures, such as using ceramic cups instead of disposal cups
  • Join the Waste Wise Business Program, a scheme that encourages and rewards businesses that are wise with their waste
  • Solutions range from assessing the waste produced to smart purchasing and reusing or recycling materials.

Additional information on waste minimisation resources available for commercial businesses can be obtained through Sustainability Victoria Sustainability Victoria - Materials Efficiency

You can also contact Council's Waste & Recycling Team on (03) 9705 5200.