Detox your home

These free services enable householders to dispose of household chemicals and other targeted products. The services are administered by Sustainability Victoria, and delivered in partnership with local governments and funded by the Victorian landfill levy.

The services allow safe and easy-to-use systems to dispose of unwanted toxic household materials without harming your health or the environment. The collected items are recycled for recovery and diverted from landfill.

The services are delivered via two collection systems; Permanent sites and Mobile collections. Each service collects particular materials free of charge.

Permanent drop-off sites

Permanent sites collect household paints, batteries, compact fluorescent light globes – all common household items. These can be taken to the site throughout the year.

Chemicals are not collected at permanent sites.

There is a nearby drop-off site at:

Hampton Park Transfer Station
274 Hallam Rd, Hampton Park
Telephone: (03) 9799 6277

For more information and a full list of permanent drop-off sites visit the Sustainability Victoria website or contact Council

Mobile collections

These are free drop off services for chemicals and other toxic materials.

There are up to 30 Detox Your Home mobile collections held across Victoria each year to enable all Victorian householders to access this free service.

 Visit the Sustainability Victoria Detox Your Home website for a complete list of upcoming mobile collections and accepted products, as well as to register for an event.