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Emergency management

Find policies, plans and strategies about how we manage and respond to emergencies in Casey.


Title Summary
Bushfire Place of Last resort Plan Places of Last Resort are places of last resort during the passage of a bushfire, and are intended to be used by persons whose primary bushfire plans have failed.
Community Emergency Resilience Plan 2017 - 2021
Fire Management Operations Plan 2014-2017 The purpose of the Plan is to:

Ensure the City of Casey's ongoing operational requirements in fire management align with municipal, Regional and State planning documents, policies and procedures;
Document inter-departmental responsibilities for managing council lands and other assets inrelation to fire; and
Provide a mechanism to identify and report on fire risk, and treatments assigned to their mitigation within an organisational context.


Title Summary
Municipal Emergency Management Plan The Casey Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP) addresses the prevention of, response to and recovery from emergencies within Casey.
Municipal Fire Management Plan The purpose of this Plan is to achieve a better understanding of the community and environment in relation to the impact of bushfire; improved community resilience and self-reliance; coordination across the responsible agencies in delivering identified bushfire mitigation works; and more productive partnerships between community safety stakeholders.

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