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Dog attacks

A dog attack can mean:

  • a dog bites you or your pet causing harm
  • a dog chases or rushes at you or another person aggressively (snarling or growling)

If you or your pet has experienced any of the above, you can report the attack to us or to the police.

Preventing dog attacks

There are many steps you can take to ensure your dog does not attack any people or other animals. Dog attacks can happen both at home or in public.

Agriculture Victoria has some useful tips on how to prevent a dog attack at home and in public.

Report a dog attack

To report a dog attack, contact us or the police. We will commence an investigation of the reported dog attack within 24 hours.

Our investigation may consist of interviewing anyone involved, any witnesses and gathering any relevant evidence.

After all evidence has been gathered, a decision will be made on what action (if any) is appropriate.


If we believe an attack did occur, there are a range of penalties that could be applied:

  • infringement notices
  • animal management agreement
  • court action

Agriculture Victoria has some useful information about dog attacks and what you can do.