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Dependant person’s unit (granny flat)

A dependant person’s unit (granny flat) is a moveable building on the same lot as an existing dwelling. It is used to provide accommodation for a person who is dependent on a resident of the existing dwelling.

Is a planning permit required?

In determining whether a planning permit would be required, we must be satisfied that the proposed building complies with the definition above. We consider the following:

  • Is the building moveable from one place to another? If so, is it a structure that is not a tent, caravan or other vehicle which is designed to be moved from place to place?
  • Will the building be occupied by a dependant person? A dependent person is incapacitated by medical, economic or social disadvantage and is therefore dependent on the person in the main dwelling for their accommodation.
  • There is no more than one dependent person's unit on the lot and we are satisfied that the building is considered a dependent person's unit.

Provided the proposed building meets the above criteria, in most residential zones under the Casey Planning Scheme a planning permit may not be required – as long as there are no overlays applying to the land.

Is a building permit required?

A building permit is required for a granny flat (dependant person's unit). For more information, see: 

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