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Dads matter programs

About the program

Our programs are for dads, step-dads, grandfathers and other men who play an important role in a child's life. Our programs include:

  • Cook it with Dad: for dads and kids to cook and eat healthy meals together
  • Dad's Little Builders: for dads and kids to connect through creating and building
  • Baby Play Time: for dads and babies (0 – 18 months) to have fun and meet other dads.
  • Dig it with Dad: get dirty with your kids and grow fruit and vegetables in our private garden plot

Our programs are all designed to help dads and other father figures:

  • develop social networks with other dads
  • connect with their children together in fun activities
  • recognise the important role they play in their family structure

Our programs all follow a loose format, which allows you to come and go depending on your schedule.

Please note: Dads Matter programs will not be running on the following dates:

  • Baby Play Time - Orana Community Place - Thursday 29th February 2024 
  • Cook It with Dad - Selandra FCC - Saturday 2nd March 2024 
  • Dads Little Builders - Arbourlea FCC – Monday 4th March 2024  

How to attend

Dads Matter programs are FREE for all father figures and their children. Please click on the event tiles at the bottom of this page for information on how to attend each of the programs. It is important to register via email ([email protected]) before attending all Dads Matter programs.

Contact Dads Matter

We are happy to answer any any questions you have.

Contact us

Dads Matter Network – for professionals who work with fathers

An innovative space for family-focused professionals and service providers in the City of Casey to work toward vibrant and positive futures for all dads, their families, and their communities. The Dads Matter Network aims to support its members in their professional development, collaboration, and implementation of evidence-based community-outreach that empowers fathers and strengthens families.

If interested, please register as a member online.

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