Municipal Monitor

The Minister for Local Government has appointed a Municipal Monitor to monitor the City of Casey following the Victorian Ombudsman's report into the Council in June 2016.

Terms of reference

Terms of reference of the Municipal Monitor appointed under section 223CA of the Local Government Act 1989 to monitor governance processes at Casey City Council.

The Municipal Monitor is:

  1. To monitor and review the Casey City Council's governance processes and practices in relation to:
    • the Special Charge Scheme for Market Lane identified by the Victorian Ombudsman in her investigation into the Council in June 2016;
    • special rates and charges schemes generally;
    • meetings of Council and special committee meetings, including closing meetings to the public and making the reasons for closing meetings publicly available;
    • consultation arrangements, including notifying and informing members of the community of relevant information and any rights.
  2. To support and provide assistance to the Casey City Council in improving the governance processes and practices referred to in paragraph 1 including to address the Victorian Ombudsman's concerns and recommendations, and ensure good governance and compliance in the future.
  3. To prepare a report for the Minister for Local Government at the conclusion of the appointment providing an assessment of the steps and actions taken by the Council in achieving the matters referred to in paragraph 2, and the effectiveness of those steps and actions.
  4. To, as part of his report to the Minister, advise whether the governance processes and practices referred to in paragraph 1 and any associated policies, require improvement for the purpose of section 218A, notwithstanding any steps or actions taken by the Council.