We're changing the way we do things

Council delivers more than roads, rates and rubbish

More than 70 services and over 200 community facilities contribute to making life better for our 300,000 residents each and every day.

We've invested $4 million which has contributed to benefits of $15 million. This equals $11 million we can spend on the community.  

During this Council term, we’ve been working hard to ensure we achieve efficiencies across the organisation that will better position Council to meet the challenges of the future, while also delivering better services to our community.

Council must evaluate, innovate and deliver improved services and infrastructure that meets the changing needs and expectations of the community.

Savings will initially be reinvested into further efficiencies, improving digital engagement and delivering services for our growing community.

$3 million saved in 2015-16

Our focus is providing the best possible services at the lowest cost.

In fact, in 2015-16 we saved $3 million through evaluation, innovation and transformation. Over the next five years, the savings are expected to total $15 million!

About Casey

  • 300,000 residents
  • Largest municipality in Victoria
  • Third fastest growing area in Australia
  • 490,000 residents by 2041

Pressures for change


Customer expectations
The needs and expectations of the community continue to evolve creating a need for new services and facilities.

Casey is a popular place to be. In fact, by 2041 more than 490,000 people will live here.

With cost pressures to do more with less, Council must prioritise what it delivers to the community based on what residents think is most important!

Technology is changing the way residents want to interact with Council and there is a need to make information and services more accessible.

Council has responded

At Casey, we continue to transform the way we do things.


Community focused
Our priority is delivering what the community wants and feedback from our residents shapes everything we do. We have increased our channels of communication, engaged with the community on important issues, reduced response times and simplified processes.

Technology is enabling us to work smarter and do more with less. We’re refreshing our website so you can transact with us from any place, on any device, at any time! We’re also ensuring our most popular transactions can be completed easily online.

Financially responsible
We’ve reviewed the way we budget to prioritise and improve the services residents want and to achieve cost efficiencies. Some improvements include better contract outcomes, reinvestment of savings into sustainability projects and streamlining internal operations to reduce costs.

Long term plan
We have a plan for the future and will work with the community to deliver it. We are ensuring we are in the best position now to deliver services into the future. Continuous  improvement We will continue to improve our services through ongoing review and innovation to ensure they continue to meet the needs of residents.

Continuous improvement
We will continue to improve our services through ongoing review and innovation to ensure they continue to meet the needs of residents.

We're making savings

In 2016-17, a further $2.9 million will be invested in improving the efficiency of the organisation which will increase the cumulative financial benefits even further!

We've invested $4 million in improvements which have contributed to savings of $15 million over five years.

Improvement Case Study - The way Casey operates is changing

We’re proud to be a leader in activity based working prior to our move to Bunjil Place in 2017.

Working in a mobile way positions us as an agile organisation that can more effectively respond to the community and allows us to maintain a strong focus on delivering the services and infrastructure our community wants.

This innovative style of working, where staff choose the right technology and space to improve their productivity, allows us to better connect with our customers and work across Council to deliver services and projects.

41% reduction in storage. 24$ reduction in desk space. $200,000 saved due to reduction in paper and stationery.

Improvement Case Study - Customer Service is no longer just a department

We’re working to ensure our customers are at the centre of everything we do.

Our Customer Focus Strategy ensures we are a leading customer-focused organisation. We’ve reviewed our customer service commitments to ensure they meet expectations, evaluated our contact channels to identify improvements (like updating our website to make it easier to use) and are doing everything possible to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Council performance

The 2016 Community Satisfaction Survey shows our residents rate Council's performance as better than the state average in overall council direction, sealed local roads, advocacy, community consultation, customer service and overall performance.

We're improving things

We've halved the response time for email enquiries from 10 working days to 5 working days. Our target is 2 working days.

Improvement Case Study - We're continuously improving what we do and how we do it

We have changed from using Mercury to LED lights

Review, improve, deliver.

Ongoing review and constant innovation ensures our services and facilities continue to meet the needs of residents.

Last financial year, we identified more than 100 major improvements across the organisation that have helped Council in responding to growth and financial challenges.

More than 9,200 mercury vapour streetlights have been converted to LEDs, saving $650,000 each year!

Every year, LED's save $650,000

Improvement Case Study - Engaging our community

We want to hear from you!

Through our Community Engagement Strategy feedback from the community drives our work and informs the services and facilities we provide.

Casey Next is the largest community engagement project we’ve ever undertaken with Council hitting the streets to chat to residents from Endeavour Hills to Warneet (and everywhere in between!)

Our aim is to close the loop between the community’s feedback and Council’s decision making.

Feedback will refresh Council’s vision for the future and will inform the next four-year Council Plan so the things that are most important to our community are prioritised for delivery.

Community engagement now drives Council work and informs the facilities and services we provide.

Improvement case study - Digital is our direction

We’re embracing the digital age to make it easier for residents to get things done!

We want residents to be able to contact us anytime, anywhere on any device and we want it to be simple!

Council gathered community feedback to help us improve our online presence to ensure it meets the needs and expectations of residents.

Over the next 12 months, we’ll be improving our website to ensure it is easy to use, helps you interact with Council online and provides the information you want.

We’re also redesigning the most popular transactions to ensure they are easy to complete online.

In fact, Casey is proud to be the first Council in Australia to offer disabled parking permits online which makes this time consuming process much easier for residents.

An online asset protection form has just launched and we’re working to make registering pets easier than ever!

$3.76 per contact via telephone, over-the-counter and mail. 5 cents per contact via online and SMS which equals $650,000 potential savings and benefits per year.

Improvement case study - We're spending smarter


We’re saving money on the things you can’t see to deliver more of the things you can!

There’s a lot of value to be gained by ensuring we apply a best practise approach to our contracts and the purchase of goods and services.

In 2015, improvements to our storm water processes resulted in a $285,000 saving and $600,000 was saved through reviewing the bin, green waste and landfill contracts.

We also cleaned up in our parks with a $604,000 saving on maintenance costs.

Same services, just delivered more efficiently through great negotiation!

Improvements to the way we procure goods and services saved Council $1.5M in 2014-15.

Delivering for the community

  • Roads and footpaths
  • Waste and recycling
  • Community care and aged services
  • Arts and events
  • Community facilities
  • Parks and reserves
  • Community safety
  • Sports grounds and facilities
  • Libraries