Paws to renew your pet’s registration

Issued Thursday 5 April 2018

Paws to renew your pet’s registration
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: Paws to renew your pet’s registration

Have you registered your furry friend with the City of Casey this year?

Pet owners have until 10 April 2018 to renew their pet’s annual registration, which can now be done via the simple process of an online form.

The new digital form is part of Council’s journey to transform its services into an online platform, to ensure its most popular transactions can be completed anywhere, at any time.

For the first time this year, Council also sent reminder notices via email to all residents who have a registered email account with the City of Casey.

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you register your pet with Council or let us know if you haven’t received your renewal reminder notice yet!

Registering your pet annually with Council ensures that we can reunite your animal if it becomes lost.

The fees associated with the registrations also help Council deliver on a range of important animal related services, including reuniting lost pets (including after hours), pet events, and investigations of dog attacks. The fee also includes a levy collected by Council on behalf of the State Government.

You are eligible for reduced fees if your pet is microchipped and desexed, has an obedience certificate issued by a government approved organisation or is more than 10 years in age.

It is the responsibility of every dog and cat owner to ensure their animal’s registration is up to date, and that this is maintained annually throughout the animal’s lifespan.

If you have recently moved to Casey, you can transfer your existing registration from any municipality in Victoria over to the City of Casey by providing evidence of your pet’s previous registration, and the animal will remain registered until the expiry date from the former Council.

Additionally, if your pet was registered to someone else you can transfer this registration over to yourself. It can also be cancelled in the event of the animal’s death or change of ownership, or if you’re moving to a new house outside of Casey.

Visit our Pets page to find out more information or renew your pet’s registration before 10 April.