Planning for future parking within Casey

Issued Thursday 5 July 2018

Parking strategy.JPG  

The City of Casey is inviting residents to have their say on the draft Parking Strategy and help shape the future of parking management within the municipality.

The draft Parking Strategy represents a sub-strategy under Casey’s StreetsAhead- Integrated Transport Strategy and will provide direction on how Council oversees current parking supply and manages future parking provision.

The Strategy specifically addresses car parking management issues across Casey, whilst acknowledging the shifting nature of parking supply and demand into the future - in particular how advancements in technology such as the arrival of autonomous vehicles and ride share programs will impact on the demand for parking resources.

City of Casey Major Cr Geoff Ablett said that managing car parking in a growing municipality such as Casey is complex as there are many interest groups with competing demands.

“Our municipality has the highest number of cars and one of the highest rates of car ownership within metropolitan Melbourne, with 91 per cent of Casey households owning at least one car compared to 84.8 per cent across wider metropolitan Melbourne”, said the Mayor.

In addition, almost 65 per cent of Casey households own two or more cars, the highest percentage of any Melbourne metropolitan municipality, which means our estimated resident vehicle fleet will reach 216,000 by 2026.

“With the Casey population expected to reach over 500,000 by 2041, a shift in the way we think about and plan for parking is required to ensure we can provide a more equitable and liveable City for our residents.

“The draft Parking Strategy outlines considerations for the future of parking management and includes mechanisms that aim to manage parking more efficiently and provide optimal parking supply.

“I encourage Casey residents to take the time and consider the draft Strategy and let us know where they feel current parking is not serving their needs.”

Residents can view a copy of the strategy and provide their feedback at the Casey Conversations website until Sunday 22 July.