Council reopens million-dollar hall

Issued Thursday 1 February 2018

President of the John Pandazopoulos Hall Brian Oates, with City of Casey Mayor Cr Geoff Ablett and Cr Damien Rosario at the reopening of the hall yesterday.

The City of Casey has reopened the John Pandazopoulos Hall following a Council investment of more than $1 million to refurbish the much-loved community facility.

The hall, formerly known as the Doveton Public Hall, is home to nine community groups and was first built in 1961 by the former Shire of Berwick.

City of Casey Mayor Cr Geoff Ablett said he was thrilled to see the much needed $1.2 million renewal unveiled.

“The City of Casey is aware of the importance of facilities such as the John Pandazopoulos Hall, and recognises the contribution these facilities, and the programs that run from them, make to the wellbeing of individuals, and ultimately, of the whole community,” he said.

The renewal works include:

  • Construction of a new accessible entrance and foyer
  • Extension to the existing kitchen with commercial grade appliances
  • A new storeroom within hall three
  • Refurbishment of the barbecue area
  • Provision of a step lift for accessing the stage
  • Refurbishment of the main hall including mechanical ventilation and new lighting
  • Upgrades to all amenities including an accessible toilet
  • Upgrading of all floor finishes and ceilings
  • Upgrade to electrical system
  • Installation of a new security alarm system
  • Removal of asbestos in the existing building

The hall had a previous renovation in 1998, and over the years has become home to many local multicultural senior groups, and it provides a home away from home for residents to stay connected within their local community.

Cr Ablett said he hoped these renovations created a public place that the local community could be proud of.

“It is my hope that everyone that accesses and belongs to the programs and groups that run from this facility can receive great benefits from this investment now, and into the future,” he said.

“This is a community hall of which the community can be proud, and I hope it continues to remain in very high demand.”