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Council tree removals

Council manages the planting, protection, maintenance, and removals of trees on public land. We manage approximately 250,000 trees on public land throughout Casey.

Public land within City of Casey includes:

  • roads, streets, nature strips and laneways
  • Gardens, and reserves
  • Council land and infrastructure
  • foreshores, coasts, and bays.

Our trees are cared for by a team of professional arborists and urban foresters who are qualified to assess and maintain the health of trees.

Removal of trees

A tree may be removed if:

  • it is diseased, dead, or incurably declining
  • it is causing a traffic issue or reducing visibility of a road or footpath that pruning cannot resolve
  • the removal is needed to preserve other trees
  • it is assessed by a qualified arborist as needing to be removed.

When we will not remove trees

Living in an urban environment, it is appropriate to expect some degree of maintenance will be required to appreciate and retain the look and environmental benefits of trees. The shedding of foliage, flowers, fruit, seeds, or small elements of deadwood by urban trees is considered normal and not a basis for removal.

A public tree will not be removed:

  • to preserve or create views for properties
  • for solar access or to reduce shade
  • to reduce leaf litter or tree debris fall
  • because of roosting birds
  • because of its size
  • for seasonal or minor allergenic or irritant response
  • for unfounded property damage claims.

Before removing any trees from your private property, check if you need a planning permit.

We can assist you with assessing whether a tree may need to be removed and undertaking any work where necessary.

Request a Council tree service

What should I do if I am concerned about the health of a tree?

You can help street trees to survive and thrive by:

  • giving the tree a deep watering once per week in the hot summer months
  • avoiding compaction of the tree's roots by not parking on the nature strip.

If you are concerned about the health of a street tree, we can assist you with this by conducting an inspection and undertaking work where necessary.

Request a Council tree service

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